On the evening of April 10th, Zhang Ziyi’s figure was the same as before she was pregnant at the 100-day banquet when she woke up. She could not see that she had had a child. Although she was thin during pregnancy and her face was basically not fat, after giving birth to her baby, she had to change a little, but she did not! Hair! Now! Zhang Ziyi herself revealed that in order to lose weight, she would do 3-4 hours of yoga every day. It seems that postpartum weight loss has never been an easy task.

Pay attention to these points. It’s easy to recover after delivery.

1. Adhere to breastfeeding

Generally speaking, breast-feeding is advocated for healthy mothers, because breast milk is more nutritious than milk powder, which is very conducive to the growth and development of babies. In addition, breastfeeding is also good for preventing postpartum obesity of mothers, because breastfeeding can promote milk secretion, accelerate maternal metabolism, and transport excess nutrients out of the body.

2. Reasonable diet

Many mothers are afraid of insufficient milk during the month, and follow the traditional concept of body-building. During the month, all kinds of crazy supplements, coupled with inactive activities, result in the completion of the month even fatter than when pregnant. In fact, as long as the body weight is basically normal, reasonable nutrition can ensure milk secretion. On the contrary, if excessive meals cause a large increase in fat, it will cause baby fat diarrhea. So it’s better for mothers to choose nutritious and fat-controlled foods during the month, such as soybean products, beef, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables and so on. Three meals a day, no extra meals, to ensure a normal diet.

3. Appropriate exercise

Postpartum mothers are still weak and need some time to rest. They don’t advocate too much stimulating exercise, but they don’t advocate sleeping all day. Too little exercise is also the main cause of obesity. In one month after delivery, we need to recover. We do not advocate active weight-loss exercise. Mothers can walk around the house and stand with their breasts straight and abdomen closed. After a month, we can do some exercises according to the doctor’s advice. We can do some exercises with less intensity, such as yoga and Pilates. We should follow the principle of gradual progress, gradually increase the time and intensity of exercise, and avoid greed and rapidity.


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