During the deep winter, eating hot pot around the stove for a family can be said to be enjoyable, warm to the heart and warm to the body. However, hot pot also makes love and hate for beautiful women, especially for new mothers who have not yet recovered their postpartum figure. They silently watch the people around them eating hot pot in pain, but they are extremely entangled – their postpartum figure is already a bit out of shape, and their graceful figure has not yet recovered. At this time, if they forget to eat hot pot, how can they say “fat”.

However, the hot pot king expressed dissatisfaction with this. Hot pot is not equal to “fat”, as long as you have the skills to eat, hot pot can also have both delicious and low calorie. Without much talk, interested mothers can come together and get to know a good way to eat hot pot without getting fat.

Refusing to cook high calorie foods

A full meal is not just a gluttonous meal. New mothers pursue pleasure while eating hot pot, but should not be too greedy. They should also know how to refuse high calorie foods from being cooked.

1. Refuse high calorie sauces

The calorie content of each teaspoon of sand tea sauce is as high as 166 calories, making it a hate character who disrupts one’s body. Secondly, sesame oil and egg yolk have high calorie content.

Japanese light soy sauce has low calorie content, and adding chopped scallions can enhance the aroma of the sauce. Garlic puree has low calories, and people who like the taste of garlic will not eat fat by adding garlic puree to light soy sauce.

2. Refuse high fat

The choice of meat can be based on the white fat and outer skin. If there is as much white fat as red meat, be careful because their calories are very amazing.

Red meat is the key “highlight” for everyone to eat hot pot, but the fat and cholesterol in it leave people with “future troubles”. Each slice of pork belly has 30 calories and a lot of fat, resulting in a high obesity rate.

And chicken breast meat is the meat with the lowest calorie content in red and white meat, although it tastes dry and astringent, there is no excess fat.

3. Refuse high calorie staple foods

A piece of fish rot has 1/4 the heat of a bowl of rice! A small fish skin dumpling with over 20 calories! Although these meatballs and processed dumplings have various forms and flavors, it is important to be careful of the high calorie traps. Many dumplings are made with fatty ground meat for a good taste, and eating too much ensures that the calories exceed the limit!

Eating winter noodles and konjac can easily make you feel full. Winter noodles have lower calories than rice and white noodles, making them recommended ingredients for hot pot by nutritionists.

4. Refuse high calorie side dishes

Side dishes like pig blood have nearly 100 calories and unknowingly consume too many calories. A soup stewed with mushrooms, radish, and cabbage, with a delicious taste. Mushrooms can also make people feel full and have low calories, making it easy to maintain a good figure.


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