After childbirth, Mommy can’t help seeing her rising body. There are many kinds of girdles on the market. Mothers who have caesarean section and normal delivery have different wounds. How to take this bound love? How to recover the beautiful body in the past? I will answer for you one by one.

The best tie or gauze

Abdominal band is also known as abdominal band, now mainly refers to postpartum abdominal band. The first postpartum abdominal retraction mainly uses gauze bandage winding method to achieve the abdominal constriction effect, but the pure cotton is inelastic, and the activity is not convenient after use, so the effect of elastic shrinkage is greatly reduced. And the high-quality postpartum abdominal girdle can not only help the parturient recover body shape quickly, but also help the uterus recover quickly and prevent gastroptosis. If it is specially designed, it can also eliminate pregnancy lines and slow down postpartum lumbar discomfort.

Mothers of caesarean section:

For mothers of caesarean section, most new mothers will feel abdominal pain after the operation. After the operation, the special abdominal band for caesarean section can be used to fix and protect the wound in time, which can promote wound healing and prevent the incision from splitting and leaving scars. The use of abdominal girdle can reduce the tension caused by gravity and movement, friction on the wound, and effectively relieve postoperative pain. Before getting out of bed, the use of abdominal girdle can avoid wound pain and promote the overall recovery of the body.

Mothers in childbirth:

After the delivery of the fetus, the mother’s organs need a period of care before they can return to the prenatal state. Postpartum mother’s skin is loose, abdomen becomes big, waist burden also aggravates, under gravity effect, viscera is easy to droop. The use of abdominal girdle as early as possible, from the second day of postpartum, lasting for half a year is the most effective, which can improve the curve of waist and abdomen, prevent visceral ptosis, promote uterine contraction, and help the recovery of body functions.

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Page 1: comparison of corset and gauze

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