Abstinence during pregnancy has made mothers suffer a lot of grievances in their stomachs. They finally get rid of the taboo by not sweeping their mothers when they are out of the moon. They scour out all kinds of snacks they usually like to eat, and open them up to eat. They are addicted to their mouths first. But I can’t stop eating, and my weight is also rising. On the one hand, the greedy insect is doing something, on the other hand, the heart of beauty is resisting. Is it necessary to say byebye to snacks during the period of weight loss?

What’s the cause of craving snacks?

* appetite

Yes, the new mother’s good appetite is likely to be “propped up”. The stomach is very elastic. When food enters the stomach, because the stomach wall is flexible, the volume of the stomach will gradually increase. When the food is pulled, the stomach wall becomes thinner, so the size of the stomach when it is empty is different from when it is full of food.

If you eat a lot every day, it will make your stomach always in a state of being stretched. The new mother recalled that during pregnancy and lactation, a bag of snacks and a pile of supplements were actually eaten. They not only transformed nutrition, but also “made great contribution” to boosting stomach capacity. Before, I had to have three bowls to fill my stomach. Now if I eat only one bowl, there must be free space in my stomach. If I don’t have enough, I feel like I want to eat.

Bad mood and promoting your appetite

Another possibility is caused by bad mood. If it’s just weaning, the baby keeps crying, and the new mother lacks the baby to suck, the hormones in her body will also change, which together may make the new mother feel upset or cause other negative emotions.

These emotions may cause stomach fire, so that the nerve in the brain that manages to eat appears abnormally excited. It constantly gives wrong instructions to the brain: “eat fast! Eat fast!” the “headquarters” of the human body has given orders, and the mouth must be executed.


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