There are many new mothers who are good at fitness before pregnancy, but it’s said that it’s not suitable to exercise too early after childbirth. New mothers can only look at the sports shoes in the corner of the wall and grasp the fat on their stomachs. There are so many postpartum contraindications, so when can new mothers start to exercise? What are the precautions for exercise? Let’s talk about it today.

☞ when can we start to exercise and lose weight after birth?

Generally speaking, postpartum 6 weeks can start to do a little exercise, the recovery time of cesarean section will be longer.

☞ are you still breast-feeding, do you feel uncomfortable during exercise?

Try to wear loose, sweaty clothes. This can help the body cool down and recover as soon as possible.

If you are still in the lactation period, it is best to feed or milk before exercise to avoid the discomfort caused by breast-feeding. And wear comfortable underwear that can provide support for the breast when exercising.

After exercise, the body is prone to produce more lactic acid, which will enter the blood and be further metabolized by the body. Lactic acid goes into the milk. The increase of lactic acid concentration in the milk will change the taste of the milk, which may cause the baby to vomit. However, the current research thinks that this has no effect on the child’s health. You can rest for half an hour to one hour after exercise, wait until the lactic acid returns to the level before exercise, and then feed the baby.

☞ is postpartum exercise just for slimming?

Moderate exercise is helpful to strengthen the contraction of abdominal and lumbar muscles, relieve the symptoms of backache and backache, and eliminate the flabby abdomen and buttocks. Not only to lose weight, more importantly, it is conducive to physical recovery, improve sleep quality, increase appetite, promote postpartum nutrition absorption and milk secretion; it can also reduce bad mood, reduce stress, and effectively prevent depression.

Multiple activities can promote blood circulation, tissue metabolism and prevent thrombosis, which is particularly important for new mothers with heart disease and cesarean section.

In short, even if it is not all for slimming and body shape, we should also maintain some amount of exercise to protect our own and baby’s long-term health.

What to do before and after exercise?

Warm up for 10 minutes before exercise. It can stretch back, pelvis, thigh and ankle joints of all parts. When stretching, it can pause for a few seconds and then return to the original position. You can also warm up by walking quickly.

Take 10 minutes to cool down after exercise and let your heart rate return to normal. For example, a slow walk or another stretch can help prevent muscle fatigue and soreness.

How long is the right time to exercise?

There is no absolute formula for exercise time. Generally speaking, it’s better to take less than half an hour every day. With the recovery of the body, it’s better to increase the amount according to your own situation and habits; gradually increase the amount, focusing on persistence.

I. walking

This is the most simple and effective way to exercise for mothers who are weak after childbirth.

It’s best to take a walk for 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the walk, and then slowly increase it to about 30 minutes each time. It’s best to increase the time each time not more than 5 minutes, one at a time. It’s best to increase the length of the walk at the frequency you’re used to.

2. Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum mother learning postpartum yoga, not only contribute to the recovery of the body, but also make the body become slender and beautiful. Postpartum yoga has special exercises for different parts, which is a great blessing for mothers. However, mothers who haven’t practiced yoga before should be cautious. It’s best to consult a yoga teacher.

Another good way is to join a training class. Exercising with a group of people and socializing with your teammates can help you stay active.

How to control the diet?

Even in normal times, it is not advisable to go on a diet in order to lose weight. Postpartum intake of rich nutrition to help the body self repair is the most important, not to mention the high consumption of lactation activities.

To eat normally, we should have a high quality diet rather than a high calorie diet, have a good rest, have a good mood, cooperate with proper exercise, and recover slowly.

What should postpartum exercise pay attention to?

Be sure to slow down, start with gentle aerobic exercise, gradually increase the amount, not in a hurry; if you lose weight, it is relatively safe to lose about 3 kg a month.

But people’s physique is different. People who have been in the habit of keeping fit will recover faster. Some mothers who have been in poor health should pay special attention to following the doctor’s advice and paying attention to the changes of their bodies.

It’s true that some people will get back to their previous figure in a month or two, or even better, but they can be motivated and don’t have to imitate, because there are too many individual differences.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, whether you like sports or want to lose weight, as long as you start and stick to it, your weight will gradually lose and your body shape will slowly recover.


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