If there is anything that can make Baoma happy after “unloading”?

Presumably, weight seconds back before pregnancy, will definitely be on the list!

It may be exaggeration to say so. However, it is true that after giving birth to a baby, the weight will be reduced rapidly. After all, the baby and amniotic fluid will take away a lot of weight!

Baoma shares: weight changes before and after birth

Before I gave birth to my baby, I weighed 130 Jin! The next morning, I weighed 105 Jin! My baby weighed 6 Jin and 8 Liang! I lost 25 Jin!

I was 94 Jin before pregnancy, 122 Jin before giving birth, 100 Jin the next day after giving birth, seven Jin and two liang of the child, 22 Jin less. Now it’s the 18th day of confinement, or 100 Jin, no less!

110 before pregnancy, 140 before birth, 124 after discharge, 117 the next day, 115 after birth, and then between 115 and 120.

Of course, some mothers said that they did not decrease much after birth, at least they were not satisfied with it

I used to weigh 102 kg, and I weighed 148 kg when I was born. I was 130 months old before I was discharged from hospital after birth. Now I still have 134. I haven’t had much trouble in the past two years, but my weight has not been less than 130 kg. I’m desperate~

No more than 100 kg before pregnancy, 130 kg at the time of birth, 120 kg after birth, and 118 kg on the 10th day of birth

How much weight will you lose after childbirth?

How much weight will rise after pregnancy, which is closely related to height, heredity, pregnancy reaction, and the weight of expectant mothers before pregnancy.

However, the weight gain of pregnant women is not proportional to the weight loss of pregnant women after childbirth. In short, it means:

Some of the weight gain during pregnancy is in the fetus, but also in the mother.

After birth, the decrease of fetal weight, amniotic fluid weight and placental weight was only a small part of the weight gain during pregnancy

According to the pregnancy weight management plan for pregnant women’s weight growth standard table, generally speaking——

Among them, the number of pregnant women increased by 18-14kg

· fetus, 3.5 kg

· amniotic fluid, 0.9 kg

· placenta, 0.65 kg

These data indicate that——

For example, before you are pregnant, you are 1.60m tall and weigh 50kg. After pregnancy, you gain 14kg.

So after giving birth to the baby, the baby and amniotic fluid, placenta and so on took only 5.05 kg, leaving 8.95 kg of weight on your body.

In other words, postpartum general pregnant women will immediately reduce the weight of about 10 jin.

(of course, some pregnant mothers can quickly reduce more than 20 kg after giving birth, but most pregnant mothers will reduce about 10 kg after giving birth. )

The rest of the weight gain, especially the excess water stored in the cells during pregnancy, and the fluid generated by the extra blood in the body during pregnancy, will be gradually discharged from the body about a week after delivery. At this time, you will lose about 3 ~ 4 jin.

How to scientifically restore the figure after the recruitment?

It usually takes about 6 weeks for postpartum organs to recover to the state before pregnancy, so rest should be given priority to before 6 weeks postpartum, especially for those with anemia, cesarean section or slow recovery of natural birth wound, so they should not be too tired.

But after the “rest period”, mothers will seize the golden age of postpartum weight loss

6 weeks to 6 months after delivery

At this stage, the energy consumption of wound healing is large, the endocrine is strong, the body is in a state of high metabolism, and the living habits have not been finalized, so the effect of slimming is better.

Some studies have shown that if the body weight before pregnancy can be restored within 6 months after delivery, the average weight will increase by 2.4 kg per year after 8-10 years;

If postpartum weight loss cannot be achieved, the average weight gain will be 8.3 kg after 8-10 years.

Postpartum scientific slimming

Postpartum 6 weeks to 6 months after delivery, new mothers should not stay in bed, big tonic special supplement, can follow the principle of “intake of calories less than consumption of calories” for weight-loss recovery.

Keep breastfeeding

Insisting on breastfeeding can not only make the baby get the best nutrition, but also consume about 500 calories every day.

Ensure a diverse diet

Postpartum diet should eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, beef, low-fat milk and other healthy food, to ensure the diversification of diet, and not recommended diet weight loss.

Keep exercising properly

There are a lot of postpartum exercise, mothers can choose according to their own situation. For example: three times a week jogging, walking or swimming, each time 30 ~ 40 minutes, can effectively consume fat.

If the recovery is good, within 6 weeks after natural birth and 8 weeks after cesarean section, abdominal breathing can also be practiced.

Le Ma said:

For expectant mothers who are still in pregnancy, they must pay attention to their weight growth, eat reasonably, exercise properly, and control their body in the best state, so that it will be easier to recover after childbirth.


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