In the winter, a large number of friends around the steaming hot pot, eating and drinking, chatting, that is how comfortable life! As the saying goes: three nine make up for a winter, the next year to go sick. Therefore, when eating hot pot in winter, people love all kinds of tonic soup.

But the spicy women who love beauty, do you know that hot pot winter tonic, make up a strong body, but also make up a layer of human fat. What’s more, the atmosphere around eating hot pot is so good. As soon as you are happy, you can eat it freely! The heaps of caloric food, which can give full play to the role of eating, not only warms the body, but also makes the body resist the cold with a layer of “leather clothing” – fat! Is eating hot pot bound to be fat? They can’t help asking questions.

  1、 Will eating hot pot make you fat?

Eat hot pot to eat, but the real calories, can not get fat?

Unless you belong to the kind of physique that you can’t eat fat, after a hot pot in winter, it’s the hot mothers’ turn to worry about their round figure. Now let’s take a look, which things in hot pot can stimulate the growth of body fat?

       1. Hot pot soup

Although the bottom of hot pot soup is mostly boiled, after a round of “bath” of big fish and big meat, in the end, the clear soup can also become “oil soup”. Most people’s habit is to eat meat first when they are boiling hot pot, and then put vegetables in when they are almost full. This is a big mistake!

You think, after that, the thick layer of oil was floating on the bottom of the hot pot soup, and the vegetables were fully absorbed by these vegetables. You won’t be surprised if so much oil is eaten into your stomach and your stomach will turn into a life buoy!

       2. Delicious seasoning

If you want to eat hot pot well, you must have all kinds of seasonings. Such as sesame paste, peanut butter, Shacha sauce… All kinds of sauces make hot pot from ordinary boiled water to delicious food. These condiments are rich in calories, and these heavy flavored condiments can stimulate people’s taste buds and make people have a strong appetite.

Under the dual stimulation of seasoning, when eating hot pot, you will have the impulse to eat meat and drink wine. In this way, a lot of fat will be settled in your body.

       3. Essential for hot pot — meat slices and meatballs

Small fat sheep, beef slices, pork, donkey meat… If the hot pot without these “big meat”, then what fun to eat? Dear spicy mom, do you know that these pleasant meat slices and meatballs in your mouth contain a lot of saturated fat.

To put it simply, these are all high calorie foods, with an amazing number of calories. When you are eating hot pot and talking with your friends, these meat slices and meatballs will quietly turn your slender waist into a bucket waist.


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