Pregnancy and childbirth have made great changes to Mommy’s body. Only by taking good care of her can she recover as soon as possible. General nursing methods involve whole body and mind. Let’s take a look. What are the quick recovery methods!

The room should be comfortable and pleasant

There should be enough sunshine in the room. No one can smoke here. No matter in winter, spring, summer and autumn, the window should be opened regularly every day for ventilation to keep the fresh air in the room. It should be reminded that it’s best to let mommy and baby leave the room for a while when they breathe.

The room temperature is kept between 20 ℃ – 25 ℃, and the humidity is kept between 50% – 60%. When the weather is too hot, in order to avoid heatstroke, you can use an electric fan or air conditioner to lower the room temperature. But do not lower the temperature too low, in order to prevent mummy and baby from getting cold and cold.

Enough bed rest

Mummy in labor consumed a lot of physical strength, coupled with bleeding, sweating, postpartum must pay attention to adequate rest. In addition to 8-9 hours of sleep during the day, two hours of siesta should also be arranged during the day. This is conducive to physical recovery, and can increase appetite, promote the secretion of milk.

Wear it in moderate thickness

Postpartum body sweating, underwear should wear absorbent cotton products, the coat to soft and breathable. In hot season, you don’t have to wear long clothes or trousers, which may cause heat rash or heatstroke. It is better to wear cloth shoes for shoes. The sole of shoes should not be hard and the heel shoes should not be high. Otherwise, it is easy to cause pain in the sole, heel or lower abdomen of Mommy.

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