The flesh that dawdles during pregnancy, even after childbirth, remains immobile in all parts of the body. In particular, some mothers eat and drink all kinds of greasy food for the sake of lactation, and their weight continues to soar. Many postpartum mothers are worried, postpartum weight loss should be put on the agenda, but how the baby is still feeding, if you insist on losing weight, will it affect the baby’s breast-feeding? Is there any way to lose weight without breastfeeding? Yes, there are! Look at the following strategies.

Before losing weight: understand the critical period of postpartum weight loss

Postpartum 6 months is the critical period of body recovery. At least 6 months to restore the level of pre pregnancy, the general weight difference of less than 3 pounds.

If breast-feeding, it is recommended to start weight loss exercise after 6 to 8 weeks of delivery; non-natural mothers, such as cesarean section or other diseases, suggest consulting a doctor and then appropriate exercise! Therefore, the new mothers, postpartum weight loss is not too urgent, and so on after the recovery of the body began to become more secure.

When you lose weight: keep your mouth open and your legs open.

Postpartum weight loss “tube mouth”

Postpartum breast-feeding weight loss, we must pay attention to balanced nutrition, not because weight loss affects physical health and breast-feeding. Therefore, it is very important to master the scientific diet method.

1. Drink less thick soup.

The surface of all kinds of fish soup, chicken soup and pig’s hoof soup is covered with oil. But the cream of the soup comes from the fat that is emulsified into droplets, not the nutrient that lacked when breastfeeding.

Nutritionists recommend that lactating mothers drink only clear soup, remove the oil slick on the surface, preferably with low-fat milk and soymilk instead of half of broth chicken soup, can supply more protein and vitamins, and calcium in milk is also important to the production of milk.

2. More cooking and less oil drain.

Lactation doesn’t require too much greasy food, because the new mother’s body stores a lot of fat during pregnancy, waiting to be consumed while breastfeeding. Therefore, lactation diet should reduce the intake of fat, cooking should be used more cooking, more healthy.

3, more vegetables and less sweets

Nutritionists believe that eating more vegetables and adjusting the diet can help mothers lose weight. Lactating mothers can reduce some of the staple food and fill them with plenty of vegetables. Cooked and cold vegetables are large in size, full stomach, and rich in dietary fiber and micronutrients, which are very important for mother and son. At the same time, breastfeeding mothers should eat less sweets, such as cakes, sweet drinks and so on.

4, eat more grains

Nutritionists suggest that lactating mothers can replace white rice flour for dinner with congee cooked from miscellaneous grains and beans, and recommend preferential use of millet, oats, red beans, black rice and other ingredients. Vitamin B1 in these miscellaneous grains improves the quality of breast milk and benefits babies, including dietary fiber, which also helps prevent constipation. At the same time, the water content of porridge is bigger than that of rice. Even if you eat enough, you won’t worry about gaining weight.

Postpartum weight loss “leg”

In addition to pay attention to diet, but also to maintain the usual amount of exercise, do not think postpartum to restore the body, on the bed immobilized oh! Some less intense exercises do not affect breastfeeding, but also help lose weight and help maintain good health.

1. Walking or running

Jogging or walking is a good aerobic exercise. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week. Don’t start high intensity exercise directly, or you may hurt your body. Squatting, yoga and other sports can be tried.

2. Exercise with your baby.

When the weather is comfortable, mom can go out with a baby carriage. Choose the amount of exercise according to your ability.

Postpartum mother weight loss is different from the general female weight loss, we can not diet, can not strenuous exercise, all the way to lose weight should be slowly. Stick to it every day and you can see the weight loss effect slowly.


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