In addition to bearing the pain of childbirth, the next thing a mother has to face is how to get her body back before pregnancy. Many mothers stood in front of the mirror a second ago and made up their mind: start exercising tomorrow. The next second, hearing the baby crying, the exercise plan was completely forgotten!

Yes, I’m too busy to take a baby. I don’t have time to plan to exercise! On this question, let’s see what netizens say first?

[stay at home mom]

@ grape mother: all day long, besides taking care of children, you have to do hygiene and cooking. You’re as busy as a top. Do you still need to plan to exercise?

[elite mother]

@ potato mother: there are old people and nannies at home. After the baby is three months old, I began to plan to exercise. With breastfeeding, my body will soon return to the state before pregnancy. Exercise also makes people more energetic and energetic.

[with the help of the elderly to bring the baby]

@ mm-hmm Mom: the child is always taken by grandma occasionally. I will exercise in my spare time without any plan. Indeed, I don’t know how to recover after birth. I exercise on a whim, mainly because I don’t have much energy.

Except for elite mothers, most mothers devote all their time and energy to taking care of their children. Can’t you exercise with a baby at home? How to take the baby and lose weight?

1. Don’t be in the form of accident

If mom wants to exercise, she will plan to buy a pile of equipment, sportswear, sports equipment and so on. In fact, these formal things can be ignored. You can run and jump with your baby in a wide place at home. In short, make use of everything around you and don’t give yourself too many constraints and excuses.

2. Establish a correct concept of sports

If the baby is still young, the mother can’t put down the baby and exercise alone. So mother should know clearly that it is not called sports alone. Taking care of children is also one of the forms of sports. Combining sports with taking care of children for a long time every day can also achieve the purpose of slimming down.

3. Take the interactive game with children as an exercise

Busy taking care of the baby and no time for exercise is the most often heard interface. No matter how busy you are, you still have time to play with your baby? Take the game with her as exercise and fitness. While she is happy, she can also achieve the effect of fitness. She can also enhance her feelings with her, so that he can cultivate his interest in sports and enhance his physique.

Don’t worry about letting the baby play. You can put children’s music, treat the baby as a dumbbell barbell and a crawling pad as a yoga pad. The process of interacting with the baby is also one of the alternative sports methods.

What about aerobic exercise? Run with or around the baby and simply jump, whether indoors or outdoors.

4. Control reasonable diet

You can’t lose weight without controlling your diet. A reasonable diet does not mean demanding your own diet, so the body can’t eat it. As long as you eat less high calorie and greasy food every day, it’s OK to pay proper attention to the structure and weight of your diet.

What’s mom hesitating about? Fat is stored in muscles and under the skin, so as long as you are willing to move, it is a good start.

When wiping the floor at home, play music to make your body move greatly with the rhythm; Sit up for two minutes every half an hour at work, or stretch regularly; On the way to and from work, you can take more walks or even detours, and you can’t waste too much time. As long as you have the heart, you can move anytime and anywhere, saying that there is no time, no conditions and no existence!

It’s never too late to start sports. Don’t give yourself an excuse. If you don’t want to have a generation gap with your children, start with your body! I wish every mother healthy, slim, beautiful and confident!


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