“Oh, my God, weren’t you just having a baby? Why is your stomach so hot? Are you pregnant again?”

Hearing this evaluation, the new mother’s heart is depressed. Although I can’t say, “It’s none of your business,” it’s also true. Why is her stomach so big?

After completing their lives around them, their bodies are still in excellent shape, and some even become thinner and thinner. Are they pregnant with a fake pregnancy? No!

The golden period for postpartum small belly elimination – within six months!

Postnatal body recovery varies from person to person. Some mothers’ stomachs disappear within a few days of giving birth, while some mothers’ stomachs still look large after a few months of giving birth, just like they were four or five months pregnant. The feeling of walking with a “swimming circle” every day is known to all mothers who have experienced it, and they are very unhappy. So, how can we get rid of this annoying “swimming ring” and drive away the small belly? Don’t miss the best time to lose weight – within six months.

This is because during this period, the body fat of the new mother is still in a free state, and does not form a wrapped, difficult to reduce fat. Moreover, during this period of weight loss, the repair of skin elasticity will be less difficult. In addition, menstruation will return to normal two to three months after delivery, that is, endocrine and metabolism will gradually return to normal. Choosing the right weight loss method at this time will not only affect breastfeeding, but also make the milk smoother.

In the March weight loss season, Xiao Manyao quickly comes to me!

“It’s March again, when we don’t lose weight, April is just sad, and May is the peak season for passers-by Lei to lose weight.”. As a new postpartum mother, since she is fat, should she let it go? Absolutely not. How can I be overwhelmed by this meagre belly? Hold your mouth, step aside, and give me back my floating waist.

   ☑ Skill 1: Postnatal Breastfeeding

Postnatal breastfeeding is a very good way to lose weight. During breastfeeding, the amount of calories absorbed by the mother will be distributed by the child, and at this time, as long as you pay attention to controlling your diet, your weight will also decrease significantly. Of course, at this point in the lactation period, it is not advisable to deliberately lose weight, in case of insufficient nutrition and milk.

   ☑ Skill 2: Appropriate use of abdominal band

The use of an abdominal band after childbirth not only helps prevent uterine ptosis, but also helps correct the pear shaped shape of the broad pelvis, retract the lower abdomen, and restore the new mother’s small waist. It is worth noting that abdominal bands are not suitable for long-term use because they can hinder local blood circulation. It is recommended to use abdominal bands scientifically to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

   ☑ Skill 3: Eat dinner as early as possible

Eating dinner within 4 hours before bedtime can easily lead to weight gain. If the new mother still has a small belly at this time, it is necessary to be more cautious. It is recommended that the new mother schedule the dinner before 6 pm. After dinner, don’t eat supper any more. Instead, go downstairs for a walk, take a walk, and consume energy. This not only helps digestion, but also helps reduce waist fat.

   ☑ Skill 4: Drink more water and soup

Some moms don’t like drinking water, which is not only harmful to the body’s detoxification, but also leads to a certain degree of obesity. It is recommended for new mothers after childbirth to drink more light and nutritious soup, as well as plain boiled water. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day. If you don’t like drinking water or don’t have time to cook soup, you can drink some freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice to accelerate metabolism and maintain beauty.

   ☑ Skill 5: Appropriate calcium supplementation

Research has found that calcium tablets have the function of dissolving fat. We can choose to let the body absorb enough calcium before bedtime. Night is the best time for calcium absorption. New mothers can drink a cup of low-fat milk powder before bedtime, which not only can supplement nutrition, but also help improve metabolism and consume some fat.

   ☑ Skill 6: Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing can reduce weight and also reduce weight in the lower abdomen, because it has the function of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis, promoting defecation, and accelerating fat burning. “We can choose to do abdominal breathing while watching TV at night. The specific method is to slowly and deeply inhale through our nose for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Do it five to six times a minute. During the process, focus on the undulation of our abdomen, and do it accurately, not carelessly, so that we will soon see the effect.”.

   ☑ Skill 7: Do Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga exercises can not only enhance the elasticity of perineal muscles, promote uterine contraction, prevent uterine, bladder, and vaginal sagging, and restore the uterus to its normal position, but also have a certain weight loss effect. Postnatal yoga needs to be done according to your physical condition and scientifically exercise your body.

   ☑ Skill 8: Sleeping on a Lean Belly

Many people are accustomed to sleeping on their backs, which can cause excess fat to accumulate around their lower abdomen without putting some pressure on it. In fact, it is possible to slightly change their sleeping posture, such as sleeping on their backs, which can consume more calories and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.

[Remind the new mother]

Postnatal mothers, whether they want to control their calories or start exercising, should not do so until after giving birth; For mothers who undergo a cesarean section, it is recommended to wait until 3 months after childbirth and after the wound has fully recovered, before gradually starting a fitness program.


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