Postpartum mothers are always very urgent to restore the body before pregnancy, but postpartum weight loss can not be blind. Because postpartum mothers not only bear the responsibility of breastfeeding, but also need to supplement their own nutrition and recovery. Therefore, postpartum weight loss needs to be carried out to ensure the health of mothers and babies, making a reasonable weight loss plan is essential.

First, scientific diet matching.

Whether it’s a natural birth or a cesarean section, it’s a nirvana for pregnant women, and food supplements are necessary. But it can not be blindly high sugar and high fat, excessive overflowing principle is also applicable here. Excessive supplementation, even if the daily breast-feeding, will also lead to excessive fat accumulation, so postpartum need to pay attention to a balanced diet, meat and vegetarian matching.

Can increase the daily menu of vegetable content, eat more fungi, increase the body satiety; At the same time, can eat more seafood, or low-fat legume milk, etc., not only to supplement the necessary nutrition, but also increase excess fat. In addition, you can eat more jujube honey, or probiotics, Runchang catharsis, relieve postpartum constipation symptoms.

Two, the appropriate amount of exercise.

Three months after delivery, bao-ma can take light and intensive aerobic exercise, such as jogging, walking, yoga, etc., or can take more walks to reduce the time to sit and lie down, especially after dinner to walk outdoors for half an hour or an hour, not only to increase physical fitness, but also to achieve the effect of burning fat.

Three. Proper massage after bathing.

Massage is not necessarily to go to a professional place, Baoma bath can take advantage of the body’s heat, appropriate to the abdomen to a small massage, which for postpartum stomach and discharge of lochia are great benefits. The method is very simple, is the palm around the navel to circle the way or gently knead the way up and down, with massage oil can also be used to dilute the stretch marks.

Four, adequate sleep.

It seems very difficult for Bao Ma to have enough sleep time after birth, especially breastfeeding. But if you want to lose weight, you must not lose sleep. Because enough sleep is conducive to the depletion of toxins in the body, promote fat metabolism in the body, more conducive to improving the quality of breast milk. So, don’t forget to squeeze some time for yourself.

Therefore, postpartum weight loss is not easy, but it is not impossible. As long as a reasonable and effective plan is made and put into practice from the aspects of diet, exercise, sleep and so on, it is not difficult to slim down healthily.


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