Recently, my best friend, who has just been upgraded to mother, often complains in my ear about the lack of family life after childbirth. I feel that her heart is full of anxiety. In addition to complaining about the children making trouble and her husband being lazy, what she likes to worry about most is the change of her body appearance. She is often depressed about her fat body.

Such a move by sister Lin really worries her. You should know that postpartum weight loss is not just about moving and eating. In fact, it has a lot to do with mood. Low mood is not helpful to weight loss, but also affects your weight loss progress.

Science tells you: if you are in a bad mood, you are more likely to get fat

Often obsessed with obesity, they are more likely to get fat

According to a study by American scientists, saying that someone is fat in order to stimulate someone to lose weight will backfire. Mothers always define themselves as “fat people”. They are often troubled by obesity in their hearts, which may affect their physical functions, resulting in larger food intake and fatter.

Depressed mood and endocrine also make you fat

Although it is not clear that there is a link between depression and obesity, the American people still found in the follow-up survey that patients with depression are more likely to get fat than normal people. The researchers believe that depression will affect the level of stress hormone cortisol in the human body. When people feel depressed, the pressure in their body is hor cortisol water

Failure to release pressure will turn you into a sugar addict

Unhappy, eat some sugar. According to the research of scientists, sugar can help people relieve stress. However, it is also easy to lead people to become addicted to a large number of sweets. Many mothers rely on eating to alleviate their emotions, leading to obesity.

Frowning all day may not stimulate your morale, but it will definitely delay your progress in weight loss. Therefore, the key to postpartum weight loss is to learn to regulate your mood.


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