Recently, a 34 year old British woman, Migan Boer, has successfully photographed her 225 pound (204 kg) weight of meat. Instead of being thin and beautiful, she is in her early 30s with wrinkles on her face and 42 pounds of redundant skin on her abdomen, back, buttocks, legs and other parts of her body!!!

See here, just after giving birth to a baby, fat mothers have expressed fear, after giving birth to the baby, the skin in the belly has become very loose, if you lose weight, should not also become like this?

In fact, mothers need not worry too much. On the Internet, we often see people who are thin and have a lot of skin. They are basically two or three hundred pounds of fat, which is serious obesity. When they suddenly become too thin, their skin has not yet had time to accept the disappearance of fat, can only accept the influence of inertia and gravity downward infinite droop. So, it’s impossible for a mother’s skin to be like this.


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