Postpartum mothers do not necessarily need to go on a diet to lose weight. Change dietary habits to achieve healthy weight loss. Eating small meals, chewing slowly, using small utensils, and drinking soup before meals can all help you quickly lose weight and restore a graceful figure. Moms who want to lose weight, hurry up and learn!

Key point 1: Eat a small amount of multiple meals and must have breakfast

Reassign the total amount of food for three meals a day and eat four or five meals a day. The principle of eating small and multiple meals makes it easier to lose weight. It is worth noting that the last meal should not be eaten too much and should be completed 4 hours before bedtime. Because the digestive capacity of the human body decreases at night, eating before bedtime can easily accumulate fat, leading to obesity.

Some people, in order to lose weight, reduce their three meals a day to two and skip breakfast. But, skipping breakfast is more likely to lead to weight gain. Because you don’t eat breakfast, you will feel extremely hungry at noon. Eating in a state of unbearable hunger will increase the body’s absorption and make it easier to form fat. Therefore, breakfast should not only be eaten, but also be full, which is beneficial for reducing the amount of food eaten at noon and achieving better weight loss results.

Key point 2: Control the eating speed, chew carefully and swallow slowly

The hypothalamus has two centers related to feeding regulation, one is the satiety center and the other is the feeding center. These two centers regulate each other to control appetite. Regulating the transmission of signals requires a certain amount of time. If you eat too fast and the satiety center transmits it to the brain, you may have already eaten too much food, which can easily lead to obesity due to overeating.

Some people believe that eating quickly will reduce the absorption rate of food, which can lead to weight loss. In fact, eating too fast makes food difficult to digest and easily converts into less consumable fat, which can actually lead to weight gain. Therefore, mothers who want to lose weight must control their eating speed, chew slowly, and avoid fat accumulation that is not easily consumed during meals.

Key point three: small tableware, small portions of food, and controlling food intake

The size of tableware can also affect a person’s psychological state during meals, leading to an increase or decrease in their appetite. Choosing small bowls, spoons, etc. during meals can make it easier for people to feel full, effectively controlling their appetite and reducing their appetite. In addition, using small tableware to eat can also prolong the eating time and make it less likely to gain weight.

In addition, dividing food into small portions can also control your appetite, as it constantly reminds you – “After eating so many portions, you can’t eat anymore. Food with the same amount but relatively small pieces may appear more visually, but it can also make you feel psychologically that you have eaten enough, thereby controlling your appetite.

Point 4: Drink soup before meals and brush your teeth after meals

If you also have the habit of drinking soup, be sure to drink it before meals. Drinking a bowl of soup before meals can reduce the excitement of the appetite center and naturally reduce appetite. Remember, never drink soup after meals, because drinking soup after meals can easily make your stomach bigger and the more you drink, the fatter you become.

To control your appetite, try brushing your teeth after meals. After brushing your teeth, your appetite will be greatly reduced, causing you to psychologically refuse to eat again, which can effectively control your desire to eat snacks. In addition, toothpaste can change the taste of food. Usually, after brushing your teeth, the taste of the food becomes unpleasant and can make you refuse to eat.


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