When it comes to weight loss, many moms decide to run every day without saying a word. They think that as long as they run, they can be thin! But about running to lose weight, if mummies don’t know enough and run incorrectly, they can’t lose weight. Let me find out some mistakes about running to lose weight for mummies!

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30 minutes a day to lose weight

Although 30 minutes of jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, but the effect of weight loss is very little. Practice has proved that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the body fat can be mobilized to provide energy together with glycogen. With the extension of exercise time, the proportion of fat energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption. It can be seen that no matter the intensity of exercise less than 40 minutes, fat consumption is not obvious.

The faster you run, the better

At low speed, the body burns fat; at high speed, it burns sugar. Therefore, if you run too fast, your body will only use sugar, not lose weight. However, it is worth noting that if it is too slow, although it can continue to consume fat, but the speed is limited, I am afraid that even if you run for a long time, you will not get obvious weight loss effect.

Only running, not controlling food intake

Don’t think that you can eat more after exercise. If you don’t control your diet, your exercise may be wasted. General fitness coaches will tell you that no red meat, no oil, no sugar Control your diet to get twice the result with half the effort.

Run every day

Although jogging is good for keeping healthy and slimming, experts don’t recommend running every day. It’s better to run every other day. As for the day when you don’t run, you can do stretching exercise to increase the flexibility of the whole body. This is very important. It is the key to ensure the smooth metabolism of the whole body, especially to prevent the accumulation of fat and water in the limbs.

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