Every festival, being ten pounds fat is the curse that every woman is most afraid of. In the twinkling of an eye, the new year is coming, and there are more parties to eat and drink. In the days when weight loss has not been successful, these parties are really distressing.

In fact, when it comes to unavoidable eating and drinking occasions, beautiful mothers in weight loss don’t have to be too discouraged. Not every dish in the dinner party will be meat food, which is easy to make people fat. There are also ways to enjoy eating with everyone and control your weight. For example, learning the correct order of eating vegetables is very helpful for you.

We all like to talk about the concepts of eating vegetables or drinking soup before meals. These are indeed the right practices, but if you want to be more effective, you can eat vegetables more carefully.

First: raw vegetables

If it’s western food, it’s better to have a salad before dinner. Because raw vegetables are rich in enzymes, which is conducive to people’s digestion of what they eat later and reduce the burden on your stomach.

Second: cooked vegetables

Cooked vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and must be eaten to lose weight. And it is often the first dish in the restaurant, which is often green vegetables, so you can open chopsticks to eat green vegetables immediately, which can not only match the atmosphere of Chinese new year, but also fill your stomach and help your stomach digest.

Third: soup

Dietary fiber + water = satiety max, so after eating vegetables, you can drink more soup. Next, you can control the rhythm of eating meat without spending too much willpower.

Compared with deliberately forcing yourself to eat less, this eating method is much less difficult. There is no problem that you should eat and drink more for the new year. Not only at dinners, ordinary home dishes, or even fast food or takeout, this eating method can also play a magical role in weight loss.

In addition, give some suggestions to new mothers at the new year’s dinner to avoid aggravating obesity:

  1. Don’t go to dinner on an empty stomach. Don’t have the idea of eating back at the party. You should know that the calories you eat are not a fortune.

  2. Don’t go to dinner without breakfast. Skipping breakfast for dinner either makes you eat too much or makes your stomach vulnerable.

  3. Don’t eat too long. The gathering of girlfriends is very effective. It can last for more than an hour while chatting and eating. When you feel a little full, the party officially enters the chat session. Then we should know how to stop eating and focus on chatting.


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