It is said that fat is the root of all evils of obesity, and preventing fat is the first task of postpartum weight loss. Moms often say that in fact, I don’t eat much meat, and I don’t eat fat meat. Why does meat keep growing? This is because our fat source is not directly from the table to eat fat, but through a variety of ways into our stomach.

Fast food, fat content exceeds your expectation

At the end of the year, working mothers added a lot of fast food to their meal list, but despite the fact that fast food products seem to be low in fat, the fat content in them may exceed your expectations.

Meat food: meat stuffed buns, meat dumplings, meat pies, meatballs and other favorite meat dishes, the content of fat may be between 20% and 30%. Because to make meat filling soft and fragrant, at least such a high proportion of fat can achieve the effect.

Deep-fried instant noodles: Although the instant noodle manufacturers are reluctant to add a piece of meat, the fat content is not low. Because it is fried, the fat content of instant noodles is usually between 16% and 22%.

Sausage food: It’s a pleasure to have a bunch of hot dogs in winter. However, to make sausages and roast mutton skewers, you usually need to put 1/3 of fat, otherwise the taste will be too hard; When making sausages and enemas, a certain proportion of fat should also be added, usually the fat content is between 20% and 30%. It’s enough for moms to eat that once a week.


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