Postpartum body shape serious deformation, new mothers must not resort to postpartum belt. As we all know, postpartum abdominal banding helps new mothers recover their body shape. But there are many details that new mothers don’t notice. Postpartum use of abdominal strap time, how to use, etc., new mothers can grasp to achieve the desired effect Oh. Come on, let’s learn how to use postpartum belt!

Types of abdominal banding after delivery

1. Ordinary abdominal strap

Ordinary binding belly with chemical fiber, blended, pure cotton material, price is uneven, postpartum hemp in the choice of such products must be compared with three oh.

2. Cotton belt

The hygroscopicity and comfort of pure cotton strap are better, but the pure cotton has no elasticity, the effect of abdominal contraction is also greatly reduced, and the activity after use is not very convenient.

3. Gauze bandage

Gauze was first used for trauma, fracture and fixation hemostasis. The price is very economical and affordable, but the effect is not very ideal.

4. Functional abdominal strap

Functional banding is a kind of abdominal belt with functional effect on the basis of physical abdominal contraction. Not only good abdominal effect, but also on the recovery of postpartum uterus, birth canal has a good effect, is a lot of postpartum anesthesia heart good.


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