After giving birth, the big event of giving birth comes to an end, and the mother’s weight loss plan is welcome. But transitioning from the past tonifying mode to a meat free mode is really too cruel. Does postpartum weight loss really have to be far from meat?

In fact, postpartum weight loss meals do not necessarily require complete removal of meat, as the new mother’s body is recovering after childbirth and needs to supplement protein daily. Moreover, protein can help mothers reduce hunger and avoid giving up weight loss due to being too hungry and uncomfortable. However, during the weight loss period, meat and vegetables should not be eaten casually. Not only can meat that is too fat and greasy be eaten, but cooking flavors that are rich in oil, salt, and spicy are also not suitable for mothers during the weight loss period. So, without further ado, immediately offer a light and delicious slimming meat dish for the new mother.


Shrimp is not only nutritious and rich in protein, but also has soft meat with low fat content and is easy to digest. A bowl of delicious fresh shrimp tofu soup can not only satisfy mothers’ appetite, but also supplement protein while not easily gaining weight.

Prepare ingredients: 1 piece of tofu, an appropriate amount of shrimp (red), 2 eggs, an appropriate amount of peas (boiled), an appropriate amount of carrots, a little salt, a little starch, and an appropriate amount of high soup.

Step 1: Cut tofu into small cubes, peel the fresh shrimp, and cut a knife on the back to remove the shrimp line.

Step 2: Dice carrots.

Step 3: Break the eggs.

Step 4: After boiling the bone soup in a pot, add carrots, green beans, tofu, and shrimp, and then pour the egg mixture.

Step 5: Finally, thicken the soup with cornstarch water, and adjust the consistency according to your preference.


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