After the maternity leave, the new mother needs to quickly switch to the workplace mode. In the office, weight loss and body shaping are certainly not as comfortable as at home. In particular, weight loss needs to be adjusted according to the work and rest.

※ correct sitting posture

   × Excessive forward tilt of the head and slight hump of the back: it will exert body weight on the legs, resulting in bloated lower body.

√ keep your eyes level, feet on the ground, and your back gently against the back of the chair. And let the jaw retract slightly; The shoulders should be flat and relaxed, the arms should be bent naturally, put on the knees or next to the chair, keep the chest and abdomen straight, and let the upper body straighten naturally. Keep your knees together naturally or put your legs upright, and sit at least 2 / 3 of the chair.

※ office hours

   × Sedentary: working too hard will also hurt your body. Sitting still in the office will worsen the blood circulation in the lower body, and it is easy to have thick legs, thick waist and big hips

√ occasionally stretch your body: remember to stretch your body, neck, waist, arms and legs every 45 minutes or so. If the lower body is bloated, you can do office slimming exercises on the chair every once in a while: lift your legs up with the strength of your legs, straighten your legs at the same time until your legs are parallel to the ground, maintain this position for a moment, slowly restore the original position, and Practice the above actions repeatedly until your legs feel tired.


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