Pregnancy and childbirth is a great thing. As the fetus grows, the weight of the pregnant mother gradually increases, the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen increases, and the abdominal skin gradually expands.

After the baby is born, the stretched abdominal skin does not contract back so quickly. It takes a long process to regain the firmness before pregnancy. Abdominal contractions have become the biggest topic of body shaping after pregnancy.

Generally speaking, there are several methods for postpartum abdominal contractions.

Yoga abdominal tightening

Although yoga works relatively slowly, due to its relatively low difficulty level, many women choose postpartum yoga for abdominal contractions as they can continue exercising at home.

Yoga has a great help in correcting and shaping the body through stretching movements. When practicing, it not only works on the abdomen, but also on the waist, buttocks, legs, etc., so it is recommended.

If you don’t know which movements are effective for postpartum abdominal contractions, you can consult a specialized sports center with a teacher. If the economy does not allow it, you can also search for relevant video exercises online. But when practicing at home, you must persist.

Hula hoop abdominal contraction

Some simple and common exercises have good effects on abdominal contractions.

For example, hula hoop.

This is not a simple matter. When rotating the hula hoop, it requires the strength of the waist and abdomen. Hula hoop has different weights, and when purchasing, it is important to consider whether one’s waist and abdomen strength is sufficient to rotate the weight of the hula hoop.

The heavier the hula hoop, the better the exercise effect. The greater the weight, the greater the impact force, and in severe cases, there may be “internal injuries”. The best effect is to keep the hula hoop and waist and abdomen moving at a uniform speed while rotating.

Sit ups and tuck in

Sit-ups also have the effect of tightening the abdomen.

But many people have a misconception about sit ups, thinking that the faster you do it, the better the effect. Not so.

Sit-ups use waist and abdominal strength, and excessive movements can easily cause abdominal muscle strain. It is better to maintain a certain rhythm during each practice. In addition, it is not advisable to exercise too many times at the beginning. Slowly increase the number of times.

External force for abdominal contraction

In addition to the above exercises, daily wearing of abdominal straps also has a good effect.

Nowadays, more and more mothers attach importance to abdominal bands. But when making a purchase, be sure to choose the one that suits you. If you want to retract your loose belly, you can try a combination of abdominal straps and exercise.


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