“Burn my calories! Goodbye, doughnut, instant noodles with pearl milk tea, hot pot rice and big plate chicken. You’re welcome to take it away. After giving birth to a baby, some mothers want to lose weight quickly, so they refuse all the foods that may make them fat. The doughnuts and milk tea that they used to like in the past all insist that they say “say goodbye”. Even the diet of three meals a day is excessively restrained. Is it really good to diet and lose weight in this way?

▍ postpartum weight loss don’t blindly diet

Dieting is easy to make people lose a lot of water and sodium, reduce blood pressure, resulting in general weakness, dizziness; If the diet is unreasonable, resulting in vitamin B and calcium deficiency, cause hypoglycemia, will lead to depression; Dieting disturbs the balance of blood glucose and insulin, which easily leads to insomnia; Excessive diet can also cause constipation, bad breath, headache and other adverse reactions.

If mom can’t stand the temptation of starvation and delicious food, after returning to normal diet, she will rebound quickly, and the fat she lost will come back soon. Numerous facts have proved that dieting is unscientific, harmful to health and easy to rebound.

▍ postpartum weight loss, eat more food that is not easy to gain weight

Blind diet is not advisable, but also can’t eat and drink. Want to lose weight, we should follow the principle, usually try not to eat or eat less high fat food, eat more not easy to gain weight and nutritious food. What are the foods that are not easy to gain weight? For example:

Cereals: millet, corn, sorghum, etc;

Eggs and milk: eggs, fresh milk, skimmed milk, etc;

Beans and bean products: soybeans, black beans, soybean milk, tofu, tofu skin, etc;

Meat: chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, etc;

Aquatic products: shrimp, crucian carp, grass carp, kelp, laver, etc;

Vegetables: cucumber, wax gourd, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, celery, carrot, spinach, onion, etc;

Fruits: citrus, apple, pear, banana, etc.

Healthy diet recommendations:

Braised white gourd

Ingredients: wax gourd, shrimp, soy sauce, salt, edible oil

Method: remove the flesh and skin of wax gourd, wash and cut into small pieces; Hot pot oil, add wax gourd stir fry, and then add small shrimps; Cover the pot and cook until it is ripe. Add salt and soy sauce and cook until the wax gourd is well done.

Cucumber mixed with vinegar

Ingredients: cucumber, vinegar, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil

Method: clean the cucumber, loosen it with a knife, cut it into pieces and put it into the plate; Sprinkle a little salt, pour in the right amount of cold vinegar, add a little soy sauce and oil; Stir well and serve after 20 minutes.

[cold celery]

Ingredients: celery, carrot, fungus, vinegar, salt, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil

Method: soak Auricularia auricula, wash celery and cut into small sections, wash carrot, peel and shred; Blanch Auricularia auricula in boiling water, remove, wash, shred and rinse with boiling water; Blanch celery and carrots in boiling water; Put the agaric, celery and carrot into the plate, add garlic, cold vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and salt, and stir well.

▍ postpartum weight loss to develop good eating habits

In addition to eating foods that are not easy to gain weight, postpartum mothers need to develop good eating habits if they want to lose weight, so that they are not easy to rebound and will not damage their health.

Eat less snacks: keep your mouth shut and eat less candy, biscuits, desserts and other snacks. Often eat these snacks, not only easy to get fat, but also make your stomach often work, can’t get a good rest.

Often eat coarse grains: compared with flour, rice and other fine grains, coarse grains are not easy to make people fat. Postpartum mother can often eat coarse grains, such as millet porridge, sorghum porridge, corn, eight treasure porridge, etc.

Drink more soup: “drink soup before meals, slim and healthy”, drink soup before meals, can reduce the intake of main and non-staple food, which can not only ensure basic nutrition, but also achieve the effect of weight loss.

Following the three principles of eating: “having a good breakfast, having a full lunch and having less dinner” is very beneficial to weight loss. In fact, many people eat breakfast casually or not, have a full dinner, and have a very rich meal, which is not conducive to weight loss.


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