Postpartum women experienced physical and mental changes, the mood is easy to appear anxiety, irritability and so on. Coupled with the usual busy with the baby, the body consumption is very large. At this time, many mothers like to eat sweets to adjust their mood and supplement energy. Eating sweets properly can really make the postpartum mother feel cheerful, and can also supplement energy for the new mother’s weak body. Although sweet food is delicious, but postpartum love to eat sweet food you also need to know that eating too much sweet food is not a small threat to health.

The harm of sweets is not just obesity

1. Lead to obesity

After being digested and absorbed by the human body, part of the carbohydrate food consumes energy and the other part is stored in the muscle and liver as glycogen. In addition to meeting the needs of the above two parts, the remaining large amount of carbohydrates will be converted into fat in the body.

Human and animal experiments also show that fructose syrup can cause excessive fat precipitation. In addition, sugar can also act on the nervous system, inhibit the disappearance of hunger, and promote our eating.

Therefore, long-term consumption of high carbohydrate content of food, it is easy to cause obesity. If we eat five more sweets a day, it is equivalent to an additional intake of nearly 100 kilocalories, and we can gain 100 grams of weight every week.


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