Modern women have a more persistent pursuit of “thin”, it seems that only “thin” can be linked with “beauty,” and “fat” can only stand by. Many women become fat when they are pregnant and have children because they exercise less during pregnancy and puerperium and get more supplements, so fat is naturally hoarded. The graceful posture before pregnancy has long disappeared, and the self-confidence and beauty of past days also disappeared with the fatter. But there is a love of beauty everybody, women’s pursuit of beauty will never change, in order to restore the figure, many postpartum moms immediately into the crazy weight loss mode, accidentally into the “eating disorders” in the vortex…

First, understand the “eating disorders”.

What is “eating disorder”? The term “eating disorder” here refers to “mild psychiatric eating disorder”, which is commonly referred to as anorexia and bulimia. Losing weight a lot is a good thing, it can help you reduce cholesterol. However, some people pay too much attention to “obesity” and then lose weight at the cost of health, eating disorders is one of these symptoms. Therefore, the new mommy, who is keen on postpartum weight loss, must realize the danger of excessive weight loss.

Understanding Anorexia: Some patients have no appetite for food, while others seem to eat nothing but fireworks, in order to lose weight and eat little or no food.

Such patients usually have a more persistent pursuit of “thin” and do not stop after reaching their ideal weight as the average person does. Some patients with anorexia will persist in losing weight until their body weight is far below the standard weight. However, excessive diet is very easy to suffer from anorexia.

Understand “gluttony”: gluttony is not only eating too much, gluttony may also be accompanied by emotions. Patients with bulimia often overeat and drink to vent their emotions, sometimes to escape the fact of obesity. They may expel unfinished food by vomiting or improper excretion (taking laxatives) to maintain their weight, or eat it directly into obesity.

So, don’t think people with bulimia don’t want to lose weight, many people just want to lose weight and suffer from bulimia, when eating and drinking, their heart is more likely to appear guilty, aggravate symptoms, continue to rely on eating and venting, vicious circle.

Postpartum excessive pursuit of thin, easy to cause eating disorders.

To find out the cause of eating disorders is nothing more than the concepts of “leanness as beauty” and “bone feeling beauty”, which lead people to excessive pursuit of “leanness”, as if the world belongs only to thin people, and fat people have no foothold. People appreciate the “Victoria’s Secret” supermodels, such as Liu Wen, Lang Xiaowen, He Sui, Xi Mengyao, whose stature is not without envy. And when the heroine on TV shows a fat body, netizens will queue up for Tucao, remember that little dragon girl, known as “Xiaolong Bao”? It seems that obesity is irrational in the world.

And boasting about the success of losing weight has been encouraging people to lose weight crazily. Browse the news, is the postpartum star mother just out of the moon, then thin successful photos; or those “a month of thin 30 pounds, fat women seconds into goddess” experience posts, so that people always want to lose weight quickly.

These ideas and eyes make people pay more attention to body weight, indulge in weight loss, and are more likely to cause eating disorders. And these ideas of losing weight will ferment when they encounter pressure. Depression makes it easier for people to lose weight in eating disorders.

Postpartum fear of body alignment affecting the feelings of husband and wife, fear of becoming “obese” old women, postpartum anxiety and can not face the deformation of the body… It’s a sign of eating disorders that some moms start dieting crazily or feel guilty about not being able to control what they eat. So postpartum new mommy should pay more attention, do not fall into the misunderstanding of overeating.

After birth, lose weight and eat healthily, get rid of eating disorders.

The consequences of blindly pursuing weight loss go beyond eating disorders. Some people lose too much weight and break their stomachs. Others lose anemia, pale and weak. Postpartum excessive weight loss hazards, just after the birth of the mother anxious to lose weight, not only affects the postpartum recovery, but also lead to metabolic disorders, fat is not rare, but also physical deterioration.

Therefore, the new mother do not care too much about other people’s vision, postpartum weight loss to health as a criterion, reasonable and appropriate to proceed, can not be too hasty.

Postpartum weight loss diet recommendations:

1, about vegetables and fruits: lose weight to eat a lot of vegetables, but can not replace the staple food. Don’t add salad dressing when eating vegetables and fruits, which will be high in calories; also don’t drink vegetable and fruit juice, no dietary fiber and high nutrition, is not conducive to weight loss.

2, about rice and pasta: do not eat rice at all, even if the success of weight loss will rebound, lack of vitamin B is difficult to form a lean constitution. Rice can be reduced properly and cooked with coarse grains.

3. Don’t worry too much about calories: Maybe by the time you finish counting calories, you’ll have lost the fun of eating. And many low-calorie processed foods add other substitutes that make you fatter or eat more.

4. Don’t take “diet break”: it’s hard to say whether diet break is healthy or not, but this method may affect your appetite, hurt your stomach, may also cause anorexia, it is recommended not to try.

5, try nutritional substitution: don’t give up certain nutrients for fear of high calorie. In fact, you can look for nutritional alternatives, such as beef and fish instead of chicken and pork when you need protein supplements.

Postpartum mothers are not wrong in pursuit of beauty, but health is more important to us. Women want beauty, but also health; postnatal fat mother to lose weight, but also to lose weight healthily. “Dietary disorders” eventually run counter to the “health and beauty” we want, and, in order to be more healthy and beautiful, you might as well try the above recommendations for postpartum weight loss diet, may have an unexpected harvest!


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