Postpartum many moms gain weight, face layers of fat, want to get rid of it quickly. In order to get rid of fat quickly, some anxious moms choose the popular “liposuction to lose weight” and use modern technology to lose weight easily. However, liposuction and weight loss is not the easy thing they want to do, the risk behind beauty is to know some.

The picture material comes from Huagai

Beauty risk 1: skin problems after surgery

After surgery, there are often bumps and sags in the skin, so spicy women should not think that the completion of liposuction surgery is everything. If the postoperative care is not good, there are often complications such as wound infection, uneven skin, swelling, pain and so on.

Therefore, after the successful liposuction operation, the next very important step is to stabilize the surgical results, and at the same time, we must follow the steps to do a good job in postoperative care, so that the surgical wound recovery.

Beauty risk 2: nerve damage caused by excessive negative pressure

The size of the negative pressure determines the speed of liposuction, the greater the negative pressure, the faster the liposuction, but the greater the harm to the human body. Therefore, the normal hospital usually only uses negative 1 atmospheric pressure, while in some informal institutions, in order to shorten the operation time, it increases the pressure, which is likely to cause nerve injury.


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