[eat more orange fruits and vegetables] it contains cellulose, which can prolong the sense of fullness. Besides, it is rich in vitamin C and β – carotene, which can also avoid abdominal fat accumulation. Carrots, pumpkins and peaches all provide a lot of beta carotene, while oranges, cherries and kiwifruit are the best ones rich in vitamin C.

[eat more selenium rich food] selenium can not only fight cancer, but also reduce the incidence of abdominal obesity. Fish, shrimp and other aquatic products had higher selenium content, followed by heart, kidney and liver of animals. The highest contents of vegetables were broccoli, Capsella bursa pastoris, garlic and mushroom, followed by pea, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, radish, leek, onion, tomato and lettuce.

[eat more fish and eggs] eating more fish and eggs and other high-quality protein can make you feel full and increase energy, help you lose weight, especially for people over 40 years old, and reduce abdominal fat.

[drink more lactic acid bacteria drinks and foods rich in cellulose] can improve constipation, accelerate gastrointestinal function, and successfully drive away wastes.

[drink more water] a glass of water before a meal and a glass of water during a meal will effectively reduce your appetite.

[be more jealous] if you drink 15-20 ml of vinegar every day, you will find something gratifying within one month.

[eat more wax gourd] most obese people have too much water. Wax gourd can diuretic, every day with wax gourd soup to drink, can effectively lose weight.

[less salt] can prevent abdominal distension, intake of excessive salt can increase the activity of starch, promote the body to absorb starch, and salt is an important factor in causing water in the body.

[eat less three high foods] foods high in oil, fat and sugar.

[eat less fried, fried and greasy products] choose steaming and boiling method.

[skillful eating] try to eat fruits instead of juice; drink skimmed milk instead of whole fat milk; drink clear soup instead of thick soup; eat fresh fruits instead of dried fruits; eat fruits instead of biscuits and salads.


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