In the era of the internet, there is an endless stream of popular weight loss methods, which are diverse and eye-catching. Mothers also share the same worries, as they may not be able to use the weight loss methods used by others on themselves. Moreover, following the example of others, trying weight loss methods indiscriminately may worsen the body that has not yet recovered after childbirth. What kind of diet and weight loss method is suitable for oneself? The most appropriate method is to judge based on one’s own constitution. So, there’s not much to say, so we immediately offer different diet methods for new mothers with different constitutions to lose weight.

Swelling, Deficiency, and Fat Type – “Taste saving”

Obese bodies may not necessarily be all meat, and there are also factors such as endocrine and slow metabolism that can cause obesity. Many new mothers may have a lot of people in a state of edema, making it very difficult to lose weight.

Characteristics: weak body, gaining weight too quickly, unable to lose weight no matter how much

Dietary weight loss method:

Your diet targets various flavors. Due to the fact that mothers with edema shaped bodies are mostly overweight, it is not necessary to intentionally reduce their three meal diet, but to control their daily gluttony. Those fragrant foods are often feasible ways to make you fat. So remember to stay away from seasonings, or heavy flavored foods such as polysaccharides, salt, and spicy foods. The effect will definitely be faster than if you specifically reduce your diet.

Your food preference: There are three principles for choosing food for a body with edema. Firstly, it can help you regulate disordered hormones, secondly, it can reduce edema, and thirdly, it can improve metabolism. So foods with these benefits that contain nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and molybdenum can help you, such as winter melon, oats, cauliflower, lemonade, and apple cider vinegar are all good choices in your diet.


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