February does not lose weight, March is sad. Dragging the fat left after childbirth, why can’t you shut up?

In fact, mothers should not blame themselves too much. They can’t stop eating. Maybe it’s not that your self-control is too poor and your determination to lose weight is too fragile. But high calorie food, in addition to being more delicious, will also bring its own addictive effect, so that you can’t stop eating.

Researchers at the University of Calgary have found that higher levels of dopamine in the ventral tegmental area of the rat’s brain have helped to reward you for higher levels of food. Therefore, once the body ingests high calorie food in a short time, it can induce future eating behavior.

That’s why we always get rid of our dependence on junk food. Therefore, when you want to eat junk food, don’t just think “I only eat a little”. Once you encounter high calorie food, you may keep eating. If you don’t want to fall into the strange circle of eating all the time, you might as well try some tips that can better help you control your appetite.

Out of sight is quiet. Hide junk food

If you want to eat snacks, never quench your thirst by looking at plum blossoms. It will test your willpower too much. Sometimes, your brain starts to secrete dopamine that excites you when you see snacks, but in fact, you really don’t like this food so much. So try to keep potato chips, dried fruits and biscuits away from your sight, and try not to stay in the snack area when shopping in the supermarket.

Prepare snacks for yourself in advance

Wait until you are hungry to look for food. Your willpower is already shaky. As long as you see high calorie food, it will be absolutely difficult to control yourself. Therefore, we should strike first, prepare nuts, small tomatoes and bread slices, which have low calorie and satiety appetite, and put them near you. If you are hungry, you won’t search for food everywhere and encounter temptation.

After eating high calorie food, brush your teeth immediately

After eating some high calorie food, I always worried about it and shouted “eat more” what to do. At this time, I suggest you brush your teeth and gargle, or eat some cool gum. The feeling of fresh mouth will reduce your desire for food.

Don’t touch food when you are in a bad mood

When you feel bored, depressed or angry, don’t let food become your outlet, otherwise you must eat endlessly. At this time, you might as well go out for a walk or call to chat with your friends. When you calm down, you will find that your desire for food will also decline.


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