After giving birth to a baby, many mothers find that the bulging abdomen has not been meant to lose weight, the excess flesh on the belly is loose and collapsed, simply can not bear to look straight! Amy’s mother could not endure for a moment, but she could not afford to lose weight.

However, the skin of the belly is stretched for nine months to cater for the baby’s growth, not instantly restoring elasticity. For most mothers, it usually takes months or more to return to normal size. Mother must not be too frustrated, these simple and practical methods of thin stomach quickly put away, adhere to, restore sexy small waist is not a dream!

1, thin waist artifact – the corset belt.

When the baby’s abdominal fat becomes a barrier to mothers, the use of abdominal bands can reduce abdominal fat will allow postpartum mothers back to the perfect curve.

After cesarean section, the use of restraint band, in addition to effectively prevent visceral prolapse, promote postpartum recovery, but also play a very good effect of thin stomach. But the binding band must wait until the wound is healed. Reasonable use of restraint bands after birth can restore the shape of the prenatal body faster.

2, body shaping exercise – thin yoga.

Postpartum yoga, unlike weight-loss drugs, does not control weight in weeks, but it will make your body more beautiful, improve blood circulation, restore skin tension and reduce fat hoarding, thereby achieving weight loss.

Before practicing yoga, you can consult a professional yoga teacher to confirm your physical recovery. When the body is allowed, prepare Yoga balls and yoga mats.

3, fat burning exercise – weight loss exercise

Mothers who want to lose weight after giving birth can start exercising a little after about six weeks, but mothers who give birth by caesarean section recommend later, depending on the recovery of the wound. Postpartum weight loss philosophy is: do not often lie in bed, regular activities. So insist on doing some simple postpartum weight loss exercises, you can burn fat, to achieve unexpected weight loss effect.

Mothers who breastfeed suggest feeding or milking before exercise to avoid the discomfort of breast milk. At the same time, it is suggested to wear comfortable underwear with breast support to protect breasts and prevent breast ptosis.

4. Aerobic exercise – jogging in water.

Jogging on land is easy to get sweaty, so try water jogging! Jogging in water is a great way to exercise your abdomen and legs, burn excess fat, lose abdominal fat, and adjust the curve of your legs to make your figure more perfect.

Jogging in the water will consume a lot of physical energy, suggested that mothers should be able to do, tired on the appropriate rest, also pay attention to drinking water during the loss of water to supplement.

Postpartum thin belly is a long-term battle, only exercise and abdominal restraint is not enough, but also with a reasonable diet, appropriate massage and adequate sleep, so that the effect will be better!


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