You won’t hurt if the needle doesn’t stick on you. Fat does not grow on you, you will never be upset. After a woman is pregnant and has a child, most of her figure will be out of shape. The fat around her belly makes her postpartum mother worried. It’s hard to get out of confinement, thinking about starting to lose weight, but being opposed.

The mother-in-law said, “what do you want to reduce? Don’t starve me.” After waiting for a period of time, you will naturally lose weight if you quit smoking. ”

The husband said, “wife, you were too skinny before. Now it’s fine. No need to cut it down.”

Parents said: “Daughter, the body is tight, too much expenditure on childbirth, to make up for, or later on the body is in trouble, it is not time to lose weight.”

Alas! Fat is on me, and it’s me. Family members are not in favor of losing weight.

Do you want to lose weight during the lactation period?

About breast-feeding weight loss, family objections seem very reasonable, breast-feeding weight loss is the desire of postpartum mothers, but there are also many worries, mothers how to choose?

Postpartum mothers need to lose weight:

Losing weight doesn’t happen sooner rather than later.

6 months after birth is the golden age of weight loss.

Maternity leave is coming to an end. Is it so ugly to go back to work?

Postpartum mother’s weight loss concerns:

Cesarean delivery mothers are slow to recover from exercise.

Postpartum heat supplement is insufficient, the body has not recovered, easy to cause physical deficiency;

The baby’s health is the first. Mothers must ensure the milk yield and nutrition.

From these two aspects, breast-feeding weight loss can also be very reliable.

Is it feasible to lose weight during lactation? So, if you’re after a month of twenty or thirty pounds, thin into a flash of lightning, then for postpartum mothers, of course, is not advisable. Postpartum mother should gradually control weight, make the body become strong and handsome, postpartum weight loss is more reliable. Breast-feeding weight loss, we should start from the following two aspects:


The time to start exercising. Mothers who give birth regularly begin to do postpartum weight-loss exercises 4-6 weeks after delivery, whereas mothers who give birth by caesarean section usually begin to do postpartum weight-loss exercises 6-8 weeks after the doctor’s diagnosis that the wound is healed.

Don’t choose too intense exercise to make people’s peace of mind exercise better. Too much exercise and excitement affect milk secretion. Mothers can choose Pilates, yoga, simple weight-loss exercises and other sports, both to shape the body, but also to calm the mood.

Aerobic exercise needs to be gradual. If you want to burn fat through aerobic exercise, you must be prenatal jogging habits of the mother, if there is no prenatal jogging habits, you can try to walk fast, then jogging.

Move around. Do not always sit or stand. Sitting too much or standing too much can cause the lower limbs to become bloated. If the journey is not too far, take as few buses as possible and walk more; walk up and down stairs to lose weight; and leave your seat at work from time to time, walk for a while, and relax.


In the month of childbirth, we should not make up for special subsidies, and gradually adjust the dietary pattern. Dietary mix should be reasonable, mothers can gradually reduce the intake of high-fat, high-protein foods, while adding appropriate coarse grains, increase the proportion of vegetables. Postpartum should pay attention to balanced nutrition, so as not to overnutrition, and increase weight for future weight loss.

Reduce consumption of “useless” foods. Cut back on high-calorie, low-nutrient foods like cakes, chips, and ice cream. Mothers should keep their mouths shut and eat as little as possible.

Eat vegetables and fruits correctly. Do not eat or less bitter melon, leek, hawthorn, purslane, barley tea and other food back to milk, so as not to cause more difficult milk production, and other vegetables can eat more, because the vegetable calories are very low. Fruits with high sugar content, such as dates, bananas, raisins, etc., should not be eaten at a time.

“Ugliness” is only temporary, that is the expression of maternal love, that is the best proof of upgrading to become a mother. Postpartum want to recover a good figure, you can start from sports and diet, remember, postpartum mom weight loss need to be gradual, do not be too hasty, lest damage the body, not worth it!


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