After giving birth, many mothers will be troubled by postpartum obesity. Looking at the weight that can’t be reduced and looking at the clothes that can’t be worn out of the cupboard, it is really very troublesome.

In fact, most of the new mothers will gain weight to varying degrees after childbirth, which is normal. There are also many mothers soon after the birth of the baby began to lose weight daily, but pay attention to ways, especially lactating mothers can not diet to lose weight.

So how do you lose weight during lactation? How to lose weight does not affect breast milk? Let’s take a look at the secret of fast weight loss during lactation.

What should we pay attention to during lactation?

Generally, it is not recommended that mothers in lactation should lose weight, and they can not lose weight by dieting.

Lactating mothers are responsible for nurturing their babies. Milk is converted from fat, which comes from a variety of foods. So, if a new mother diets, the mother does not get enough nutrition, there is not enough nutritional milk to feed the baby. For the sake of children’s nutrition and health, dieting and losing weight must be undesirable.

How to adjust diet and control body weight?

Eat more vegetables: vegetable fiber, not only need to spend more time chewing, while vegetables into the stomach, will absorb water expansion, it is easy to make the stomach full. It can also increase intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

Change the order of eating: Because vegetables swell when they encounter water, they tend to make their stomach feel full, so new mothers can drink soup, eat vegetables, and finally eat rice, noodles and protein.

Less oil, less seasoning: dry noodles, soup noodles added to the oil will make the noodles taste better, but the heat is relatively high; high oil cooking food, but also implied a high calorie. Similarly, fried foods and pastry foods should be touched less.

Three meals regular, quantitative: breakfast, or eat only two meals a day, eat less dinner or not, will make the body’s metabolic rate decreased, delaying weight loss effect; or endure a certain meal not to eat, but the body because of receiving the message of famine, but will eat more, so must eat three meals regularly.

How to lose weight does not affect breast milk?

1. seize the opportunity.

If the mother is born naturally, it is recommended that in combination with their own physical condition, after one to two months of weight loss plan; and caesarean section in the mother after three months to start weight loss.

2. scientific diet

Do not diet, but to eat a reasonable diet. Eat foods that are high in protein and low in calories, such as lean meat and fish, and foods that are good for milk return, such as balsam pear and whole grains. It is also important to ensure a variety of foods, not to eat the same food for several days in a row, you can develop a recipe, try new foods every day, improve appetite.

3. uniform motion

Exercise at regular speed instead of strenuous exercise. Exercises such as yoga and walking, which are relatively slow, can effectively achieve weight loss and burn excess fat without affecting milk production and breastfeeding.

4. postpartum Gymnastics

Lie on the bed with your hands overlapped on your abdomen, breathe naturally, do abdominal contractions, contract quickly, exert force on your abdomen, and then relax slowly. Do it 10-20 times, and then gradually increase to 50 times. When doing this movement, you should also relax the rest of your body.


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