After giving birth, you begin to doubt.

The women stars who are thinner than lightning when they are born,

It’s probably not the same breed as us mortals.

Hot mom, we are aunts…

As a matter of fact, you are too late to lose weight.

It’s not because you are physically different from them.

It’s because of these three things:

Three main obstacles to women’s postpartum weight loss:

“After birth, I’m afraid I’ll fall ill later!”

“If you don’t eat more, is milk nutritious?”

“It’s so tired to take the children with you. Take a rest before you exercise…”

How can we persevere in losing weight without enough perseverance?

After the birth of a child, people around you are constantly testing your perseverance, persuading you not to lose weight after the birth of a child, so that you feel anxious to lose weight, ah!

But don’t be fooled. It’s the golden time to lose weight within six months after delivery.

For breast-feeding and physical recovery, we can’t go on a diet, but we can’t make up for it.

Excessive nourishment not only makes you fat, but also makes your breast milk fat too high. Adjusting diet properly, keeping a balanced diet and exercising moderately can not only control the rhythm of your obesity, but also help to recover and improve the quality of breast milk after delivery.


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