How does postpartum just be fat?

Generally speaking, there is no difference between the definition of postpartum obesity and that of ordinary people. Doctors or nutritionists usually suggest that during pregnancy, women with less weight should gain a little more weight; women with more weight should not gain too much weight. Obstetricians and gynaecologists pointed out that in 8 to 10 years after birth, the average weight will increase by 6.3 kg. If the weight gain during pregnancy is less than the recommended weight, the average postpartum weight will increase by 4.1 kg. If the weight during pregnancy is as recommended, the average postpartum weight will increase by 6.5 kg; If the weight gain during pregnancy is higher than recommended, the average weight gain will be 8.4 kg 8 to 10 years after delivery.

How to grasp the opportunity of postpartum weight loss

1. Don’t lose weight during confinement

After childbirth, women are in the weakest state and need to fully recover. At the same time, during the confinement period, they need to breastfeed frequently and raise their children hard, which requires a lot of energy. Therefore, no matter what, during the puerperium, they should not try to lose weight and recover their body shape in any form, which will seriously damage their body. However, it should also be noted that during the period of confinement, you can not enjoy too many high fat and high sugar high calorie supplements, which will also add to the burden of weight loss in the future.

2, postpartum 6 weeks can start to lose weight according to their own situation

Don’t start to lose weight immediately after confinement, because after a month’s rest, your body can’t completely recover to the prenatal condition, so you need to continue to recover your physical strength. Postpartum about 6 weeks later, according to their own circumstances to consider weight loss plan. On the premise of complete recovery and no need for breastfeeding, weight loss can be achieved through proper exercise and proper food control at this stage. However, the best way to lose weight after childbirth is actually breastfeeding. Breast feeding will consume a certain amount of calories, can be said to be the most healthy, but also conducive to mother and child weight loss.

3. After 2 months postpartum weight loss can be appropriate

After 2 months of childbirth and recovery, even breast-feeding can start to lose weight step by step. You can appropriately increase the amount of exercise, reduce a certain amount of food, and improve the diet structure. However, breast-feeding women should pay attention to ensure a certain amount of nutrition intake, as long as they don’t eat too high calorie food.

4, postpartum 4 months can increase weight loss efforts

Women who do not need breastfeeding can lose weight after 4 months postpartum as before, but for mothers who are still breastfeeding, it is still only suitable for the control mode after 2 months postpartum: moderate reduction of food intake and moderate increase of exercise. It is suggested that pregnant women can use abdominal products with strong binding force in the abdomen during the day. With strong tightening force, they can stick to the abdominal wall, eliminate the fat accumulated in the lower abdomen, and help the rectus abdominis and the left and right pelvis to return to their original state.


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