Running occupies a high position in postpartum sports because it does not need too much equipment, specific occasions and specific times. As long as you are ready, you can act.

Although this sport is suitable for all ages, you still have to pay attention to it when running, otherwise many bad habits will hurt your body if they are inherited.

1. Just after postpartum recovery, you should not run too long or too fast. When the body is in the late stage of recovery, new mothers should slow down in order to ensure the quality of recovery. Just run 10% more distance every week than the previous week. Remember not to exercise too much.

2. You have to replenish enough energy after running. Because the new mother is losing weight, she absolutely resists eating after exercise. Even if you are hungry, even if you are greedy, you are restrained. But in fact, after running, reward yourself with a small food rich in carbohydrates or protein, which can help the body recover its vitality quickly, and it won’t get fat because it doesn’t eat a large amount.

3. Stretch after running. It’s not good not to stretch before running, but it’s forgivable. Because at this time, the muscles are still in a “calm” state. They don’t stretch, but they don’t warm up the leg muscles. Just remember to correct it. Forgetting to stretch after running is a serious criticism. Because the muscle is in a “boiling” state at this time, without stretching exercise, it is equal to stopping running and directly letting the muscle “into the refrigerator”, which can easily lead to leg muscle damage.

4. Don’t make too harsh running (weight loss) plans. Many new mothers always want to lose weight quickly before delivery, so they will make many exercise plans for themselves. It is true that the more you move, the faster you lose weight, but slimming is a cause that needs to be adhered to for a long time. If you use up your strength in the early stage, it is generally difficult to adhere to it. Therefore, it is suggested that new mothers can enjoy running with a more peaceful attitude. When you run, you will naturally lose weight and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

5. Keep enough physical strength and sleep. In order to take care of their children after childbirth, new mothers generally lack sleep and sleep. It is wrong to “abuse” themselves and devote themselves to sports with high intensity on the basis of eating. The correct way is to put into running on the basis of ensuring the quality of sleep and physical strength.

Moreover, it’s best to run up to 3-4 times a week. Arrange a certain rest time for yourself to relax and recover your muscles.


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