Many mothers want to lose weight and get back in shape as soon as possible after childbirth, but there are always some hurdles on the way to losing weight, which make it difficult or ineffective to lose weight. Lack of sleep, irregular diet, and lack of exercise are the biggest postpartum mothers. How can you lose weight if you cross these three hurdles? How can mothers recover their body shape after delivery?

One, not enough sleep.

The baby wakes up several times in the middle of the night, either changing diapers or feeding, and it takes her a little time and energy to get him to sleep. After that, the baby was asleep, but her mother’s sleepy boy ran away. A few times back and forth, mother sleep all night discontinuous, not enough rest time, the next day can only be tired, tired, tired!

Overtired, the mother’s daily energy can only handle the baby’s affairs, but did not give herself time to rest, do other things. Take care of your baby at night and occasionally ask Papa to help you make up for your rest; during the day, when your baby is sleeping, you need to make up for sleep properly. Only when we have enough sleep can we fight a protracted war and bear the burden of caring for the baby.

Two. No exercise priority is granted.

At any time, the mother will first consider the needs of the baby, and take care of the baby. And for myself, many things will be ignored. Many postpartum mothers only around the baby, not to exercise, always think that the most important task at this stage is to take care of the baby.

However, proper exercise is necessary after childbirth. Especially mothers who need to lose weight after birth need more exercise. For example, spend about 20-30 minutes a day walking downstairs or jogging. Sports can make mothers feel happy and have better mood to take care of their babies.

Three, there is no healthy and reasonable diet.

Many mothers do not have enough time and energy to prepare a nutritious meal for themselves as they do during pregnancy. Feed the baby every day, take good care of, already exhausted, and for themselves, just will be! What you eat at home is often unhealthy and nutritious.

If mom often eats fast food and snacks to save time, she needs to change her eating habits. When shopping in the supermarket, try to buy some healthy foods, such as yogurt, wheat bread and so on. Compared with junk food such as instant noodles, it saves time and is healthier.

How does postpartum mother get good shape?

In addition to the above mentioned three points to avoid, postpartum mother also insist on doing the following three points, so that postpartum body can be faster recovery yo!

1, reasonable breastfeeding. When breast-feeding, should let the child alternately suck bilateral breasts, after one side sucks empty, sucks the other side again, and squeezes out the milk which has not sucked empty. At the same time, breast-feeding period should wear appropriate bra, in order to prevent breast sagging.

2, diet has festivals. Postpartum should not eat too high fat, high cholesterol foods, and do not have to heavily nourishment. Especially when eating sweets and other sweets is too much, it is more likely to cause postpartum obesity.

3, exercise properly. After birth, you should get up early and keep fit exercise. Normal delivery, 24 hours after the bed can be out of bed activities, a week after you can do some light housework, and can do some simple exercises in bed, such as double straight legs up movement, head and shoulder back movement. Half a month later, whether sitting or standing should be consciously abdominal retraction, increase abdominal muscle contraction, reduce fat accumulation.

As long as the Kung Fu is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle. Postpartum mothers, if you want to lose weight successfully, you have to be determined, willing to work hard, and believe that you will soon be able to see your attractive body.


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