On the failure of postpartum weight loss, many mothers summarize that they have a heart to lose weight, but a mouth to eat goods. Especially in the cold winter, the stomach is longing for food all the time.

You don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight, but you must not be greedy. No matter how hard mothers exercise, the success of weight loss will still be far away. If you can’t control your appetite, you still lack a heart to declare war on weight loss. Instead of being annoyed after overeating, it’s better to dig into the bottom and find a way to control your appetite.

Postpartum gluttony, pay attention to your mood

After giving birth, if you find yourself in a strange circle of gluttony and eat more than your hunger, it is very likely that your postpartum mood is making trouble, and food will become your emotional vent.

Use food to vent depression. As the saying goes, turn grief and anger into appetite. In fact, many people do so. The incidence of this behavior is higher in women. Even if your mood changes when you lose weight, your heart will silently tell you, “you’re so painful. It’s right to eat some food to make up for it.”. If your postpartum mood is often poor, it will even affect your control over things.

Empty and bored, he began to eat. After giving birth, some mothers may fall into a more empty and lonely state, especially housewives. Then, eating snacks and cooking drama have become your way to relieve loneliness. Even if you are not hungry, you may unconsciously eat a lot of snacks.

In a word, in addition to being a real eater, you may also be dependent on things to alleviate your appetite.


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