Following Tonglia’s 28-day exposure to the sun, Qiwei, a hot mother who had just given birth to her daughter last year, came out to hate her. Following the recent “A4 waist” craze, she exposed her super-slim waist__.

Life has been so difficult, why do women stars still take such a heavy blow… No wonder some netizens complain directly about “Let’s not let anybody live!” “You harmful little waist spirit!”

But netizens Tucao go to Tucao, presumably everyone’s real idea is nothing more than “how thin like her?” “post harvest how to harvest small waist?” So, my husband will not waste words, immediately send postpartum waist to build a guide!

First adds “abdominal muscle”

First of all, the first condition for deciding whether postpartum abdomen is loose or tight is to put your “abdominal muscles”. Separation of rectus abdominis occurs during pregnancy and postpartum, leading to abdominal loosening. So when the pelvic floor muscles are fully restored, abdominal breathing and other exercises should be started.

Second Control Diet

Even if you’re breastfeeding, you don’t need to eat as much as you did during pregnancy. Too much soup doesn’t turn into milk, but into fat. So you can start to adjust your diet. In a balanced diet, the amount of food decreases from morning to night. Breakfast is the richest, energy is plentiful at noon, and you eat the least at night. In addition, eating less and eating more meals can help you control your weight.

Third clears toxins

Postpartum constipation is also a natural enemy of slender waist. Especially during puerperium, the body accumulates a lot of waste and toxins. Every morning, a cup of warm boiled water helps to dredge the intestine and discharge waste. Eat more vegetables and fruits, absorb food fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis.

Forth Morphological Exercise

Yuan Shanshan, the owner of the A4 waist, also recommended a series of waist-slimming movements on TV programs: abdominal curling on yoga balls, flat support and stretching, all of which are recommended for waist-slimming. Mothers practice these exercises half a year after delivery depending on their recovery, while mothers can gradually increase their exercise intensity half a year after delivery.


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