Postpartum weight loss, most mothers will lose weight through diet. However, postpartum new mothers in lactation period are not suitable for the traditional diet to lose weight. In fact, to find the right way to lose weight diet can also successfully help you lose weight Oh!

How to eat thinner

First of all, we must ensure the daily necessary nutrition. New mothers need an extra 500 calories a day to nourish their babies when they are fully breastfed, and an extra 250 calories a day when their babies start to eat solids or add infant formula; When breastfeeding is stopped, no extra calories are added. Therefore, postpartum protein supplement is very important for the recovery of new mothers and the adequate secretion of breast milk. Therefore, it is suggested that fish, lean meat or skinless poultry and other foods with high protein content and low fat content should be selected as far as possible.

In addition, the usual favorite snacks for fruit, can not only intake certain vitamins, increase maternal nutrition, but also effectively reduce the production of excess fat.


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