During the process of every beautiful woman transitioning from a graceful lady to a great mother, obesity can be a problem. Some mothers may be troubled by obesity and even feel insecure, which greatly affects their originally happy life. Generally speaking, the definition of postpartum obesity is not different from the definition of obesity in the general population.

Usually, doctors or nutritionists suggest that during pregnancy, the principle is to gain 11 kilograms of weight. Women who weigh less before pregnancy should gain slightly more weight; Women with heavier weight should not gain too much weight. Obstetricians and Gynecologists point out that an average weight gain of 6.3 kilograms occurs 8 to 10 years after childbirth. If the weight gain during pregnancy is less than the recommended weight, the average postpartum weight gain will be 4.1 kilograms; If the weight during pregnancy is as recommended, the postpartum weight will increase by 6.5 kilograms; If the weight gain during pregnancy is higher than recommended, then by 8 to 10 years postpartum, the average weight gain is 8.4 kilograms.

How to seize the opportunity to lose weight after childbirth

1. Do not lose weight during the postpartum period

After giving birth, women are in their weakest state and need to fully recover. At the same time, frequent breastfeeding and hard parenting during the postpartum period require a lot of energy consumption. Therefore, do not attempt to lose weight and restore body shape in any form during the postpartum period, as it will seriously harm the body. However, it is also important to note that during the postpartum period, one should not consume too many high fat and high sugar high-calorie supplements, which can also add to the burden of weight loss in the future.

2. After 6 weeks postpartum, weight loss can be started according to one’s own situation

Don’t start losing weight immediately after giving birth, as a month of rest won’t fully restore your body to its pre natal condition, so you still need to continue to recover your physical strength. After about 6 weeks postpartum, weight loss plans can only be considered according to one’s own situation. Under the premise of complete recovery of the body and no need for breastfeeding, weight can be reduced through appropriate exercise and dietary control at this stage. However, the best way to lose weight after childbirth is actually breastfeeding. Breastfeeding consumes a certain amount of calories, which can be said to be the healthiest and beneficial way for mothers and children to lose weight.

3. Appropriate weight loss can be achieved after 2 months postpartum

After giving birth for 2 months and the body recovers, even breastfeeding can gradually reduce weight. It is recommended to increase exercise and reduce food intake to improve dietary structure. However, women who breastfeed should pay attention to ensuring a certain amount of nutrition intake, as long as they do not consume high calorie foods.

4. Increase weight loss efforts after 4 months postpartum

Women who do not need breastfeeding can lose weight just like before childbirth after 4 months. However, for mothers who still breastfeed, the only control method suitable for breastfeeding after 2 months is to moderately reduce food intake and increase exercise. It is recommended that new moms use strong restraining abdominal products in the abdominal area during the day. With strong tightening force, they can adhere to the abdominal wall, eliminate fat accumulation in the lower abdomen, and help restore the rectus abdominis and left and right pelvis to their original state.

5. Six months postpartum is a critical period for weight loss

6 months postpartum is the golden period for weight control. If the weight can be restored to before pregnancy within 6 months postpartum, the average weight gain will be 2.4 kilograms after 8 to 10 years; If postpartum weight cannot be reduced, the average weight will increase by 8.3 kilograms after 8 to 10 years. From this, it can be seen that 6 months postpartum is not only a golden period for weight control, but also affects the quality of life of postpartum women in the future.

Regardless of the situation, weight loss should be carried out after 6 months postpartum, otherwise once the fat is firmly established, it will be even more difficult to lose weight in the future. Even if it is still breastfeeding, it is possible to reduce some food intake appropriately, but it is important to pay attention to balanced nutrition and eat more high nutrient and low calorie foods, but not reduce liquid intake. At the same time, effective exercise weight loss methods should be adopted, such as swimming, yoga, etc. When should postpartum exercise and weight loss start?


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