Conceived in October, once “unloading”. Baoma is happy that new family members are joining, but also sad about the changes in their body, before pregnancy, the slender body is not, Baoma worried about “good body is gone, since then hanging on the loose skin life.”

Such a sad scene is something that every mother does not want to happen. In order to make the previous A4 waist reappear, Bao Ma needs to immediately solve the loose belly after production.

After pregnancy, because of changes in hormone secretion in the body and with the growth of the fetus, pregnant women abdominal skin will appear stretch marks. After childbirth, if you do not pay attention to the repair of abdominal skin, you may not get rid of the stretch marks on your belly.

There are stretch marks on the belly, the skin is not good, maternal heart will be worried: “Such an ugly belly, I can not wear many beautiful clothes. Will my husband abandon me? Will he not love me anymore? Good worry mulberry, how to do? ” These worries can sometimes seriously affect the physical and mental health of women and the progress of postnatal recovery.

As for the prevention and repair of stretch marks, I also recommend that pregnant women start prevention when stretch marks appear, so that it is easier to restore smooth and delicate skin after childbirth.

Many mothers in pregnancy to the beginning of childbirth after the body will be more fat than before, plus during the puerperium, all kinds of menu supplement, is even worse, so the body is neither beautiful nor healthy. So after the production, there are many mothers clamoring for weight loss. Of course, if we want to lose weight after the confinement period or after confinement, we need our mother and mother to pay the actual action.

First of all, in diet, do not recommend diet to lose weight, avoid two meals when eating a meal, after all, Baomao to breast-feeding. It is advised to eat less and eat more, light and light, and nutritious collocation should be balanced. Usually you can drink more warm water to promote metabolism in your body.

Secondly, we must step on our legs. Diet adjustment is supplementary, to lose weight or to exercise mainly. However, in view of the physical recovery stage after the confinement period or after confinement, it is advised not to exercise violently. Exercise should be moderate, early to maternal walking mainly, not because it is puerperal lying in bed recuperation. Moderate walking, in fact, is also helpful for the recovery of postpartum body.

Beauty is the nature of a woman. When they go out to walk with their friends or gather with their friends, they always need to dress themselves up beautifully. After the birth of the baby, they always feed their babies. What happens if you take a baby out and meet your baby? How can we make ourselves bright and easy to breast feed? At this time, the mothers must have a beautiful “outfit” for breastfeeding.

To do these above, new mothers feel better and faster postpartum recovery.


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