Yoga practice can not only enhance the elasticity of perineum muscles, promote uterine contraction, prevent the uterus, bladder, vagina from falling, and make the uterus return to normal position. Postpartum yoga is to promote the circulation of pelvic blood movement, whether it is a natural birth or caesarean section.

What are the benefits of postpartum Yoga

Get slim again

Proper postpartum yoga can improve blood circulation, restore skin tension and reduce fat accumulation, eliminate excess fat in abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., and restore the lean posture before pregnancy. Six months after childbirth is the golden time for body recovery. New mothers should take the time to cooperate with yoga actions and vegetarian Yoga meals, which will surprise you. However, due to the relaxation of the joint tissue in the body after childbirth, the amount of exercise needs to be increased slowly, and follow the guidance of the instructor to avoid the occurrence of sports injury.

Adjust postpartum mentality

Yoga training can help new mothers to eliminate the physical and psychological problems, such as physical recovery, insomnia, emotional changes caused by hormone imbalance and the challenges of caring for the newborn. Postpartum Yoga various specific postures, effective breathing, calm meditation, so that new mothers can adjust their mentality, have enough courage to face the new life and their new role, prevent postpartum depression.

Restore body energy

Because pregnant women during pregnancy physical decline, postpartum often physical weakness, low spirits. Yoga is a great help for the recovery of body energy. Postpartum recovery, not only refers to the recovery of body shape, but also the recovery of various organs of the body. After all, pregnancy in October for pregnant women, the body organs have varying degrees of change.

Prevention of breast ptosis

Postpartum yoga exercise, but also to make the new mother’s milk enough, give the baby benign, happy, healthy milk. At the same time, let new mothers’ breasts become tight and elastic, and can prevent breast sagging after breastfeeding.

Reconstruction of pelvic muscle tone

After production, the pelvic muscle tissue is loose and the tension becomes weak. Moderate yoga training can not only enhance the elasticity of the perineum muscle, promote the contraction of the uterus, prevent the uterus, bladder and vagina from falling down, and make the uterus return to its normal position, but also strengthen the pelvic muscle to increase the support strength of the organs in the pelvis, and prevent the occurrence of oppressive urinary incontinence.

Improve leg edema

During pregnancy, leg edema and even varicose veins of the lower extremities may occur due to fetal compression of the veins of the lower extremities. Postnatal yoga can strengthen the body strength, improve the lower extremity edema and varicose problems.


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