Impatient to eat hot tofu, lose weight is also the same, can not be urgent. The weight of new mommy has been growing day by day after a long pregnancy. Similarly, postpartum weight loss is not a matter of three or two days, which requires a planned, rhythmic process. Postpartum weight loss, mainly from the diet and exercise convenience to start, but the different stages of postpartum diet and exercise planning is also different. Postpartum mothers how to make weight loss plan, in order to more healthy weight loss?

1 months after delivery

Moon period is not suitable for weight loss naturally, however, from the puerperium can be properly controlled diet, appropriate activities, for the subsequent weight loss plan is greatly beneficial!

1. diet regulation

Don’t make up for the big patch. Many people think that the puerperium is to eat a lot of nourishing food. However, excessive nourishment will result in excess nutrition and fat accumulation. Postpartum mother drinking soup can help the next milk, but be careful not to drink too fat soup, tonic also do not overdo.

Don’t eat too much. Excessive diet for the mothers during the month, except fat, no benefit for recovery. Breastfeeding mothers can eat as much as they do during pregnancy, but they do not have to eat specially for milk production. Drinking plenty of soup is more beneficial if you want to have enough milk. Mothers who do not breastfeed can restore their pre pregnancy intake.

2. sports plan

Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to exercise within six weeks after delivery, but doing some “simple and effortless” exercise after delivery is more beneficial to mothers’physical recovery.

Small exercises 2-10 days after delivery: lying on your back with knees flexed, feet on the bed, one hand on the abdomen, the other hand behind the brain, slowly breathing chest movement.

11-20 days after natal exercise: lie on your back and stretch your legs. Take your abdomen and raise your leg to 90 degrees, then put it down and repeat 10-20 times.

Postpartum 20-30 days of small exercise: can continue to practice or increase the above exercise, each group increased to 20-30 times.

2 months after delivery

Many mothers stop exercising when they get pregnant, do less housework and become accustomed to being lazy. In fact, mothers can start to do some relaxed housework in the first half of the month after delivery, which will help them recover and lose weight. Enter the golden age of weight loss. What do you want to do at the beginning of this month?

1. diet regulation

Drink plenty of water. New mothers consume about 1,800 milliliters of boiled water a day, which helps detoxify the body while helping to control appetite.

Eat less high calorie food. At this time, the mother’s diet can basically be restored to the level of pre-pregnancy, nutritional balance, eat less high-calorie food.

Add some coarse grain. Dietary fiber is beneficial for mothers to reduce postpartum constipation and help mothers improve their health and detoxification.

2. sports plan

Starting this month, you can start exercising gradually, but not too drastically. Climbing stairs, climbing slopes, taking children for a walk are all good choices. Don’t rush to start running, do small exercises or lose weight easily.

Two months postpartum exercise: facing the wall, two arms horizontal in front of the chest, supporting the wall, feet away from the wall, the upper body tilted forward to the wall, and then two arms push the wall, so that the upper body away from the wall, repeated for several minutes.

3-6 months after delivery

From the third month onwards, it’s clear that mothers don’t feel much different from their prenatal status. Therefore, mothers can do more exercises and try to lose weight.

1. diet regulation

Keep away from high calorie snacks. High-calorie foods such as cakes, biscuits and milk tea can prevent you from becoming slim. You can replace your daily snacks with nuts, tomatoes, apples, etc.

Reduce cereals properly. Rice, bread, noodles, etc. are all very fattening foods, and mothers can reduce their intake of these foods appropriately.

2. sports plan

3 months after delivery, mothers can increase their exercise according to their physical condition. Generally speaking, mothers who have recovered their body can start jogging, dancing, cycling and so on.

Small exercise 3-6 months after delivery: sitting in a third of the chair, hands on the back of the chair, leaning slightly back, legs bent together, tiptoes. Then exhale, lift your legs slowly to your chest, and keep your back straight. Repeat about 30 times.

There are no ugly women, only lazy women. In order to regain the good figure before pregnancy, mothers should run away from their laziness and eat actively.


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