In the weight loss army, there is a relatively unique group of people, which is the new mother who has just given birth to a baby. The birth of a small life is certainly an extremely happy thing, but the new mother, who is still immersed in the joy of becoming a new mother, faces the problem of postpartum body deformation.

For beauty and better health

Some new mothers believe that after the baby is born, there are a lot of things to do, such as breastfeeding and bathing, and sacrificing their own image is not enough. Little did they know that postpartum weight loss is not just a matter of image, but its significance lies more in women’s postpartum and future health.

After giving birth, most women tend to “gain a lot of weight”, commonly referred to as reproductive obesity. This not only damages the image, but also is not conducive to health. From a medical perspective, whether postpartum weight loss can be achieved in a timely and effective manner has a significant impact on a woman’s future body shape and weight. Fertility obesity increases bone compression, which is easy to cause back and foot pain and other symptoms. In addition, excessive accumulation of fat will also bring health risks such as metabolic disorders. For example, people with “bucket waist” are relatively likely to suffer from type II diabetes.

Postpartum slimming not only gives the new mother a slim figure, but also health and vitality.

Slimming and reducing fat, tightening and internal adjustment, completed synchronously

Someone once defined postpartum weight loss as a ‘healthy lifestyle and high-quality lifestyle attitude’. Indeed, postpartum weight loss focuses more on health, care, and enjoyment.

Postpartum weight loss is an important component of postpartum repair, fully considering and targeting the physical characteristics of new mothers, comprehensively and systematically developing and implementing “exclusive” weight loss plans. Under the premise of adjusting functions, promoting self-healing, and enhancing physical fitness, help new mothers slim down and form a scientifically correct lifestyle.

Home slimming care

New mothers also have many areas to pay attention to when it comes to home care.

1. After giving birth, women may experience some emotional fluctuations and even depression. So, it’s better to consider postpartum weight loss as a care and enjoyment, rather than a pressure or a task that must be completed.

2. Avoid wearing overly tight straps and clothing. Because the fat in the uterus, abdominal cavity, and waist, abdomen, and buttocks is compressed, blood circulation is poor, which is extremely detrimental to body shape and health.

3. It is best to exercise slowly and slightly. Pregnancy and childbirth lead to hormonal changes in the body, softening of connective tissue hormones, and susceptibility to injury.

4. Healthy diet. Don’t go on a diet to lose weight. If you are breastfeeding, it is important to ensure your baby’s nutritional supply. In addition, weight loss drugs and health products should not be consumed to avoid affecting the quality of breast milk.


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