A day’s plan is in the morning, and a year’s plan is in spring. Spring is the season for all things to recover and grow up. Whether it is the expectant mother who is pregnant with a baby or the novice mother who has just welcomed a new life happily, don’t forget the important lifelong career of “slimming down” while enjoying the beautiful spring.

In spring, people tend to be sleepy, especially in the breast-feeding novice mother inevitably because of “night milk” caused by morning and evening reversal, naturally easy to ignore the exercise time. Breast-feeding can consume the calories of expectant mothers, breast-feeding itself is conducive to promoting the recovery of the uterus of expectant mothers and their own weight loss, natural weight loss effect. This effect is relatively limited. At 2 months after delivery, the mother can work hard to “control her mouth and open her legs” and gradually increase her exercise. In this way, we can grasp the golden period of 6 months after birth, and restore the beautiful figure smoothly.

Although the climate turns warm in spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Households can open windows regularly to breathe in. Be careful not to let the wind blow directly to expectant mothers and babies. Early ambulation of postpartum expectant mothers is helpful to restore abdominal muscle tension as soon as possible, to avoid excessive abdominal skin relaxation, and to reduce the incidence of venous embolism, as soon as possible to restore physical strength.

Mothers-to-be can get up 6-12 hours after delivery, start a little exercise, walk indoors within 2 days after delivery, and do some postpartum fitness exercises appropriately. Postpartum mothers who perform lateral episiotomy and caesarean section can be pushed up to third days after birth and begin to exercise slightly.

Fitness has become the way of life for many modern women. Mothers who are already out of the moon can start with yoga or jogging and do less strenuous exercises based on their physical condition. Postpartum exercise time should not be too long, can start from 10-15 minutes, gradually increase quantity.

Now the climate is relatively dry, postpartum outdoor sports can choose a sunny, temperate period, if the air quality is poor or cloudy days, suggest that the mother indoor activities. At the same time, the mother should try to maintain a balanced nutrition and reasonable rest, and timely water supplement, in order to better burn fat, a beautiful mother!


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