How to lose weight after giving birth? “” Exercise! “” No time! “Many mothers say that after giving birth, 24 hours a day is not enough and they are busy every day. And working mothers are busier, so they have to rush to finish their work so that they can come home on time. When I get home, I have to be busy with taking care of my children and doing household chores. I wish I had a separation technique, so where is there time for exercise? Really don’t have time? Time is like water in a sponge, squeezing is enough. “It seems like there is no time, but if you try to squeeze hard, you will find that there is still so much free time to use. If you don’t believe it, come and take a look!

Lying in bed for 5-15 minutes: Stretching in bed to shake off laziness

In winter, new mothers can become bedridden at any time, and the average person’s bedtime ranges from 5 to 15 minutes.

Such a short period of time, of course, cannot solve the problem of insufficient sleep. Therefore, instead of struggling during this time period, new mothers should do some simple bed stretching exercises, which can shake off the lazy energy of winter breakfast and avoid gaining weight; Secondly, it can also stretch your muscles and bones, accelerate blood circulation, and make a big impact on your weight loss plan for the day.

Bed stretching exercise: recommended cycling exercise

Effect: Improve constipation and exercise leg muscles

1. Lie on your back in bed, place your hands next to your body, palms facing down;

2. Bend your knees and lift your legs, feeling like you’re about to pedal a bicycle;

3. First push in the clockwise direction 10 times, then push in the opposite direction 10 times, and finally push both legs in the clockwise direction 10 times, each in the opposite direction 10 times;

4. Straighten your legs and lay them flat on the bed, turn your palms upwards, close your eyes slightly, and relax.

[Brushing teeth and washing face for 10 minutes]: Breathing practice to drive away the belly

Do you often feel bored when washing your face and brushing your teeth? Repeating mechanical movements in front of a mirror does not require physical or mental exertion, as only hands are constantly doing things repeatedly. Actually, while doing these mechanical tasks, our brains and other parts of our bodies are idle. Why not make use of our time and do some simple abdominal breathing? It allows you to complete brushing your teeth and washing your face, while also reducing abdominal fat.

Breathing method: Recommended lazy version of abdominal breathing

Effect: Tighten the abdomen

1. Try breathing only through your nose, making your breathing slow and deep;

2. Hold the exhalation and inhalation time at around 15 seconds. Inhale deeply (puff up your stomach) for 3-5 seconds, hold your breath for 1 second, then slowly exhale (retract your stomach) for 3-5 seconds, and hold your breath for 1 second;

3. Each time for 5-10 minutes, the mother can slowly adjust and extend the duration according to her own situation.

[15 minutes after dinner]: Stand against the wall to drive away excess meat

What are you doing after dinner? Is it holding the baby on the sofa watching TV? Or immediately lie down on the desk in the office and sleep? Most people feel sleepy and lazy after meals and want to take a break.

Taking a break after meals is not a good habit. Mothers always prefer to sit and lie down after meals, but it is difficult to get rid of bloating because this habit can develop constipation and lead to constipation induced obesity.

Mommies who want to lose weight, don’t slack off within 15 minutes after meals. Finding a wall to lean against or taking a walk for a while are both good ways to consume and drive away excess weight. When standing against a wall, straighten your waist and back, look ahead, and maintain abdominal breathing.

Postprandial exercise: recommend breathing against the wall

Effect: Tighten the abdomen and improve posture

1. After dinner, stand against the wall and stick your back of the head, shoulders, buttocks, calves, and heels to the wall;

2. Slowly tighten your abdomen, which can improve your body’s sense of line and make your posture more upright;

3. At the beginning, it was quite difficult, try to stand for 5 minutes. Later on, the time can be gradually extended, and mothers with time can stand for up to 30 minutes.

Promote blood circulation

20 minutes before bedtime, you must play with your phone or read a book. Forcing exhausted new mothers to exercise during such free time is really cruel. So if you want to make use of this leisure time, of course, you need to use a more relaxed weight loss method – foot soaking weight loss method.

The principle of this type of weight loss method is that hot water warms the body from the feet, allowing the heat to circulate with the blood to every corner of the body, and the accumulated old waste to be discharged from the body. This can dispel the chill in the body and adjust the balance of the body’s endocrine system.

However, it is important to note that one should not set the foot soaking water too hot for comfort. It should be around 40 ℃.

No, the water in the sponge has been squeezed out by you, without delaying the main task. You can also exercise to lose weight. Does it feel like you have an hour more time every day than before? Amazing! Dear mothers, let’s take action and make use of these scattered time to make postpartum weight loss! Thin! Thin!


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