After giving birth, in addition to loving the baby, the new mother’s most concern is the recovery of her own figure. Yes! Who wouldn’t want to be a beautiful mother? But if the new mother stays in bed every day after giving birth, eats and drinks enough, it will become increasingly distant from beauty. During the postpartum period, the body absorbs a large amount of fat, protein, and excessive calories by eating more and moving less every day. The body will quickly gain weight, and various joints will also experience soreness, weakness, and stiffness. If a new mother can gradually do some body warm-up exercises after giving birth, it can have a multiplier effect on helping physical recovery. Therefore, postpartum body building starts from giving birth.


1. Lower your head forward, allowing your chin to retract as much as possible until you feel a tension at the back of your neck. Slowly lift your head up, then back up to the limit. Repeat 10 times alternately.

2. Tilt your head to the left and right, trying to keep your ears close to your shoulders. Repeat 10 times alternately. Doing so will give you a feeling of a hot throat and bright eyes.


Lie flat on the bed, overlapping your hands on your abdomen, breathe naturally, and do abdominal contractions quickly. Use force on your abdomen, and then slowly relax. Do 10-20 times, gradually increasing to 50 times. When doing this action, rest of the body should be relaxed.


1. Lie flat on the bed, relax your upper body, lift and bend your right leg, embrace your knees with both hands, and pull them inward as close as possible to your abdomen. Stop for a while, slowly flatten your right leg and do the left leg. Do it 10 times each.

2. Lie flat with your legs together, and try to hook your toes back at the same time. At this point, you will have a feeling of tightening the calf muscles. Slowly release, and try to press down on the back and toes of your feet as much as possible. Stop for a while and slowly relax. Repeat 10 times and gradually increase in number afterwards.


1. Extend your arms forward, cross your fingers, push your palms outward with force, pause for a moment, then bend your arms, palms facing each other, and push your elbows inward as much as possible, alternating 10 times.

2. Extend your arms backwards, cross your fingers with both hands, and lift your arms as far away as possible. Doing so will make your upper arms and shoulders feel bloated and hot. You will experience great relaxation.

Finger joint

1. Open your fingers outward as much as possible, feeling the palm swell. When your fingers are hot, slowly put them back together and grip them into a fist shape. After holding them hard for a while, quickly open them. At first, do it 10 times and gradually increase.

2. Grasp your fist and open your fingers one by one, while pressing back and forth to retract one by one, just like playing the wheel fingers of a pipa. Making fingers move faster and faster is also very helpful for the brain if persisted for a long time.

The best time for postpartum body shaping for pregnant women is within 6 months after delivery:

After giving birth, as long as a pregnant woman can carry out a body shaping plan within the first time (6 months after giving birth), she can gradually restore her pre pregnancy lean posture. Three months postpartum is the fastest time for weight loss, and then the rate gradually slows down until six months postpartum. Because the wounds on the body need to heal during this period, the energy and endocrine effects consumed will put the body in a state of high metabolism. Therefore, during this stage, as long as you cooperate with a reasonable diet, do not overexert. Coupled with the use of professional maternal and infant postpartum repair products or high-quality slimming products, it can quickly restore the firmness and vitality of the body’s skin, allowing new mothers to regain confidence in their bodies!

In order to regain a slim figure and become a beautiful mother, new mothers need to work hard!


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