My best friend, who has just become a mother, is so tired that she has to stop losing weight recently. “Shopping, cleaning, triple attack, exhausted all day, even have no strength to lose weight, and her self-control is very bad.”

It’s not easy to be a mother. When children revel during festivals, it’s their most tired moment. What’s more, the important task of postpartum weight loss is kept in mind. Therefore, when I am tired, I want to give my mothers Amway a little rest secret – shower.

As we all know, taking a bath can really relieve fatigue and have a slimming effect, but under busy conditions, the bath time is greatly shortened, and for some mothers who don’t have a bath at home, taking a bath is a little inconvenient. Therefore, today brings a more convenient shower, so that mothers can not only alleviate fatigue, but also increase the effect of weight loss.

Recommended shower skill 1: shower before meals

Bathing before meals often has the effect of refreshing and refreshing, and the desire for food is also much less. This is because hot water stimulation can activate sympathetic nerves and inhibit appetite. When taking a bath, remember to wash hands and feet with a shower head to further stimulate.

In addition, alternating showers with cold water can also improve the effect. But it ends with warm water.

Recommended shower skill 2: shower with slightly hot water

Shower with water slightly hotter than warm water can promote blood circulation, help you sweat and detoxify, and quickly warm your cold hands and feet in winter, making the whole person feel more comfortable.


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