I believe that many new mothers are the same. After giving birth, they are eager to get back to the shape before pregnancy, hoping to put on the small skirts that used to show the perfect waistline.

But reality is always full of blows. Looking down at yourself is like having a small stomach for three months, then looking at the round face, thick and shaped arms, the plan of weight loss immediately came to mind.

Exercise every day, focus on thin! Wechat has been the number one in the circle of friends for a long time. I have practiced a lot in hula hoop and yoga. I even put on sweaty clothes in summer without air conditioning, but my weight is still as stable as Mount Tai, or even increased without falling?

Don’t give up in a hurry! It takes time and patience to lose weight after childbirth, but it is absolutely possible to recover to the figure before childbirth, but the premise is to avoid some misunderstandings.

“Walking to lose weight”, “walking to lose weight” attracted countless mothers.

The mother who is losing weight nearby uses “walking to lose weight”. In order to eliminate the bowl of rice that she ate more for dinner, crazy walking has become her daily routine, aiming at 10000 steps a day. In order not to waste any step, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the living room to the balcony, she is used to carrying her mobile phone Two months later, she became fat instead of thin, which made her very depressed.

Many people fall into the misunderstanding of “walking to lose weight”.

In fact, the real effective way of walking to lose weight requires a lot. It is not possible to walk slowly every day. Walking that can really get rid of fat requires correct posture, large stride, fast speed and long time, just like walking athletes.

More and more people are aware of the benefits of yoga. Many mothers who want to lose weight hope to lose weight through yoga.

In fact, the real benefits of yoga are to help people focus, improve posture, relieve stress, increase body softness and so on. Yoga is mainly stretching, its movement is relatively gentle, less heat consumption, the effect of weight loss is not good.

Instead of losing weight through yoga, it’s better to do a group of efficient fat burning exercises.

As long as you sweat enough, fat can’t catch up with me?

It doesn’t exist!

Unfortunately, sweating and weight loss can’t be equated. Sweating is mainly a way for the human body to regulate body temperature. For example, in summer, when the air conditioner is not turned on, you can sweat while sitting. Is that the body burning fat? Of course not!

The weight lost by sweating is just water, and the fat is still on you. In the high temperature environment, a large number of sweating is easy to block pores, but also easy to lead to the disorder of human body temperature regulation, heatstroke and so on.

Exercise heats your muscles, and when your temperature rises, you sweat, but sweating doesn’t mean you can lose fat. Real weight loss doesn’t care how much sweat you sweat, it’s about staying active.

In order to lose the belly, hula hoop and sit ups? In order to reduce the “butterfly sleeve”, dumbbells up? Half an hour’s cycling in the air in order to lose “elephant legs”?

Many people hope to “lose weight locally” through some specific actions, such as thin legs, thin arms, thin stomach, thin face

However, the consumption of fat is systemic, and local exercise can not reduce the fat of specific parts. But there is also a benefit of local exercise, that is, it can increase the muscles in specific areas and help shape, such as abdominal muscles.

In fact, as long as the pregnancy can control the speed of weight growth and keep within the normal growth range, it is relatively easy to change back to the original figure after childbirth. The stage of postpartum obesity is half a year after weaning, which is mainly due to less metabolic consumption per day, lack of reasonable diet control for fat accumulation, irregular work and rest, etc., which can easily lead to obesity.

Weight loss can not be too anxious, it should be noted that if the body is not recovered, can not force exercise. Postpartum weight loss can not diet, but to choose the right exercise methods and combined with diet conditioning, and adhere to exercise.


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