After giving birth, mothers can’t wait to get rid of their fat. But, besides going to the scale every day to see if you’re thinner, is there any other way? In fact, when you have the following five characteristics, it means that you’ve started to lose weight!

1. The clothes have become loose.

Since pregnancy, beautiful skirts and handsome jeans have had to be thrown aside. Very hard to wait until the moment of “unloading”, I believe that many postpartum mothers will immediately put on long-separated clothes.

If you find that the clothes and pants you wear are no longer as tight as they used to be, or that the whole dress is loosely worn. Well, that means your body is starting to get lean and your meat is getting tight. Simply put, you’re starting to lose weight!

2. Long-term exercise does not make you tired.

In the early stage of postpartum weight loss, many mothers will breathe heavily after a little exercise, while shopping with their girlfriends, they begin to breathe heavily after a few steps.

Now, no matter whether it is sports or shopping, there will be no feeling of fatigue and sore back and legs in the past. On the one hand, it shows that your postpartum body is recovering well, on the other hand, it shows that you are getting thinner and your body is beginning to become energetic.

3. Chin sharpens when taking pictures

When taking a picture, if you find your chin sharpening, you don’t have the double chin that was obvious before. Well, congratulations, you’ve stepped into a slim step.

In addition, mothers who want to lose their chin after childbirth may try this method: at ordinary times, try to reduce the time of bowing their heads, often rest with their heads up; in addition, they can also strengthen massage to tighten the face of excess fat.

4. Begin to love vegetables and fruits

Generally speaking, people who like fried and meat tend to be fat. Because fried food not only contains high calories, it is easy to lead to obesity, but also can cause cancer if eaten for a long time. So mothers who want to lose weight after childbirth should never eat this kind of food.

If you start eating healthily after childbirth, you like to eat light vegetables and fruits. In addition to promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, supplementing the nutrients needed by the body, but also play a role in weight loss.

5. Postpartum lactation is more

If your mother secretes more milk after childbirth, it means you are beginning to lose weight. Because the rich nutrients in milk mainly come from the mother, the more milk secreted, the body fat of the mother will be relatively reduced.

In addition, mothers who insist on breastfeeding are more likely to lose weight after childbirth. Breastfeeding can not only improve children’s immunity and resistance, but also help to consume mothers’waist and buttocks and other fat, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone!

Well, if you want to know if you have lost weight after delivery, you might as well look at the above five characteristics. Of course, if you want to lose weight after delivery, mothers should not rush, as long as you keep regular diet and proper exercise, I believe you can see good results!


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